My Life's Creed

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My Life’s Creed

Part 1

Unlocking an inner portal---
my conscious awareness
of being, an openness
to receive and share truth.

My love and blessings
is what my soul radiates,
my need to connect deeply
with others in lasting friendships.
Sorting out my psychology
from my soul’s identity
(has been a very long study),
by introspection, seeing as 3rd person
and though spiritual practice, prayer.
My soul---who is the real me—
remains entwined with body/mind—
funneling spiritual necessities to be
expressed though my conditioned identity.
I have such intensity
to really understand myself
and how my karmic bodies limits me,
and offer the chance to transcend.
Oh!! the related intensity is to
share my journey with you
in a very personal way w/o pretense
or profile (not always very PC)
though hopefully useful to some.
The universal desire to be loved and
understood by those who love and understand us,
the desire for total oneness
like one soul in many bodies.
It’s a very strong desire and yearning
caused in part by insecurity and the
fear of abandonment I felt as a child
(though everyone's hidden desire is Union with God).
Important to my inner work,
I uncovered 2 very primal necessities:
"I want to be free", and
"I want to be real" which so move me!!
This fuels my search for those
whom I can exchange with
in total honesty and love while
endeavoring to be free from earthly bonds.
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Part 2

The material world is the plane
of bondage, limitation, and imposed conditions
that seem to demand overcoming, creating
the constant struggle to be full and satisfied.
I do understand this on a deep level
from so many births of experience and yoga,
yet my attachment to matter prevents
my total embrace of my Supreme Beloved.
That Beloved I have been searching for
through eternity---an "old soul" I am,
which means I am a slow learner
existing as a human being for way too long.
So now I share with you my frustrations
and struggles along with my spiritual success,
which means while enjoying the same old worldly stuff
I keep endeavoring for spiritual perfection.
Spiritual perfection means to realize
our soul beyond the body and to fulfill
its’ true primal hankering by loving
Krishna (God)in our eternal serving consciousness.
Our eternal consciousness as a soul
has no material needs or conditioning
and only loves our Supreme Beloved
(which includes everyone and everything)
only serving, giving and sharing with her/him
(Radha/Krishna)with no personal self interest.
Selfish self interest only arises
from mistaken identification w/matter.
Realizing our self as part of the Supreme Absolute,
we can’t help but act for the Supreme interest.
We are one w/God in purpose and heart
yet still an individual unit of serving consciousness,
and so serving the Supreme interest
means to nurture and serve our real self.
I will arrive "there" someday when
I perceive the world as a facility for service,
selfishness as unimaginable
and my heart and soul are given to Krishna.
A gradual process through many forms
of giving to others and Krishna,
by intense mantra of japa and group singing,
associating with saints, endeavoring for pure love.
Putting bhakti (love)into everything I do while
looking for the opportunity to serve and give to others--
ultimately for their spiritual benefit--yet
giving in anyway I can with prayer and well-wishing.
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