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Divine Change Agent

Thank God, the Holy Name unraveling
illusory desires, giving a higher taste,
still, my life is swirling, between
these planes and subtle dimensions.

A snap shot or picture
I share, where I often dwell
contemplating this life
and my real spiritual nature.

We are all so complex
if we really dig deep
beyond superficial lies
parts of many births color us.

My heart beats, feeling
just because I live, yearning
amidst objects and things, temporal,
a diamond cage, veils my soul.

The body means projecting
our desires, our “my”s
onto our made up “I”s
the egos’ delight, but souls’ plight.

Thank God, the Holy Name unraveling
illusory desires, giving a higher taste,
still, my life is swirling, between
these planes and subtle dimensions.

Our souls’ nature is to serve,
but to who or what, the question is--
our senses, heart, mind? or the Lord
of Love, Flute playing Krishna?–our choice.

O Krishna, Krishna, will you save
me from myself by allowing,
my real self---who is yours,
to emerge from so many layers?

Sitting in the store, feeling
the music, thinking of you amidst
the glamor of jewels, delicious smells
delightful colors, all religious traditions.

I’m a tiny giver, yet who
can I really help?–at least myself?
some only partially, others repelled,
though I pray for them.

Every moment an opportunity
to give, share and love more--
regardless of our occupation
we can be a Divine change agent.

Spiritual life is about change,
shedding the temporary skin idea,
remembering who we truly are,
and giving that out, like a light.

To the degree our soul is
uncovered, selfishness lost,
the Lord the goal of our heart
we can be helpful to our self and others.

Tomorrow begins and is created
by today, and so many "todays" make up
the months and years of life–
then death brings our final exam.

And so I live and choose, 'cus each day’s
all we have, and I may die today or tomorrow;
what is valuable?--to love and serve
Krishna more today then yesterday.

Combined comments from old site

Thu, 07/17/2008 - 19:12 — saikat
Something we dwell

Hare Krishna

Dear Karnamrita

liked your poem...lucid and more towards the truth..something which can be easily gulped.
i am an amateur so if you please help me in resolving some queries, i would be highly grateful.
we require certain level of detachment from the worldly affairs to connect us to the LORD. at-least initially when these materialisms affects us. even in your poem you talked of devoting ourselves to KRISHNA, through every act we take..shedding the selfishness.
so what should be the apt way for this ? when every second we have to face the so-called challenges and responsibilities. how can we attain the stage when we can really feel that we are HIS ?




Fri, 07/18/2008 - 10:41 — Karnamrita.das
Krishna Consciousness

In a way you are asking how do we apply Krishna consciousness to our worldly life. At least in Bhakit we develop detachment from the world through attachment to Krishna. There are rules of conduct (or dos and don'ts ) which create a favorable internal and external environment for this attachment. In general attachment to Krishna is brought about by hearing and chanting about Krishna through reading Vedic literatures like Bhagavad-gita, Shrimad Bhagavatam, and so many other Bhakti scriptures (sastras), written by advanced devotees, and also hearing their classes on these books.

Hearing and chanting includes chanting "japa" soft recitation and kirtana (loud congregational singing) of the Hare Krishna mantra and other devotional prayers. We become who we associate with so keeping close company with those attached to Krishna, and not taking up the habits of those uninterested in Krishna is extremely essential. By associating with devotees their attraction for Krishna captures our interest and we develop faith in Krishna and the goal of attaining him. When we are serious to dedicate our life to this pursuit of loving and serving Krishna, we take shelter of a bona-fide guru who engages us in many different activities of devotion to Krishna, and who dispels our doubts.

At first Krishna conscious activities are like medicine for our disease of materialism, though in time they become our food, or that which sustains us. A person with jaundice tastes sugar as bitter, but by taking sugar mixed other medicines the sugar will eventually become sweet. The philosophy of Krishna consciousness and the association of devotees who have faith and spiritual taste convince us to persevere in difficulty or lack of taste. We gradually are able to be disillusioned with the prospect of material happiness, and see Krishna as the true solution to lifes' problems. Anything worthwhile takes time, dedication, and hard work, so the process of Bhakti or developing love for Krishna is no different. Everything depends on our sincere intention or interest.

Study the philosophy, ask relevant questions, and find devotee association. That will answers all your questions and propel you on your lifes’ mission to return to Krishna, our dear-most friend, well-wisher, and the true love our heart.
Your friend in Krishna,



Fri, 07/18/2008 - 18:06 — saikat
Hare Krishna Dear

Hare Krishna

Dear Karnamrita

Thanks a lot for those words. Well, you are correct. I can get the real essence of Krishna bhakti only by pure devotion. And its Krishna again to choose who should be HIS devotee. The path for the same is left upon us, how to become more closer to HIM, some of which you have mentioned.



Wed, 07/16/2008 - 23:16 — Navasi
More Today Than Yesterday

Dear Karnamrita prabhu,

I love your poems because they are so real, so genuine.

I've never been much attracted to "flowery" writing.... I love to hear people express their real self, which you do so well.

The topic of this poem, I can so relate to....

Who can we help?
Sometimes I feel like the answer is "maybe myself if I'm fortunate"....
However, like you are always saying... "the questions are the answers". Also, I know that in helping others I am also helping myself.

So, like you, I pray to "love and serve Krishna more today than yesterday".

"We are all so complex" ... I love that line.

Everything is so complex. It appeared to be so simple at first, but it seems to me that the deeper I go spiritually, the more complex it becomes...

Thanks so much for your poem.



Thu, 07/17/2008 - 15:03 — Karnamrita.das
Truth expressing itself

Hi Navasi. Hope all is well---I have missed you here.

I like to think that good writing or poetry is tapping into levels of truth and being a vehicle to express that---which if we really know, will keep our ego in check (who wants to take all the credit---it is your success Lord, not mine).

Levels of truth mean the Spiritual truth of Krishna, and then our human dimensions and struggles. Although we all are different we share many of the same feelings and basic needs, so I like to be as authentic as possible thinking what I experience is not so unique, though some may not have a way to say it. If we are successful others will recognize and appreciate our expression as universal or something they can relate to.

And the more people that can see one's work that way, the more empowered it is. How much that may be true with me is debatable (that determination rests with each reader), though I am very happy that what I write resonates and inspires you and others. I am quite a "work" in progress. I may "crash and burn" or really be able to connect with what I and many others need to hear. It all depends on how much I can surrender and get out of the way of the supreme source of power, talent, knowledge, inspiration and everything desirable, Lord Shri Krishna!!

As you know the ideal is to make everything an offering of love for Krishna. For me writing is one avenue for that, and one which I truly love and feel called to do. Krishna is sooooooooooooooo very kind and

Thanks you so much for your kind appreciations!

Your friend in Krishna,


Tue, 07/15/2008 - 15:35 — Lilia
Your Poem

Hare Krishna

After reading your poem today, I was reading the purport to a verse from SB given by Srila Prabhupada and it reminded me of your poem. The verse is SB 1.15.42.

In particular, I was reminded of your poem in reference to this sentence in the purport. "This sense of freedom from material relations, as well as freedom from the material encagement of the gross and subtle encirclement, makes one free to act as the servitor of the Lord, even though one is in the material world."

In this poem, you are both desiring the freedom to become the servitor of Krishna and recognizing your freedom at becoming the servitor of Krishna. It is a very interesting combination. I could go on questioning and discussing this for days.

But, at any rate, you do this with feeling in expressing yourself. Of course, bhakti means emotions directed towards Krishna. And, I must say that your sincerity in purpose, your feelings of longing, and the measure of your intensity all speak volumes as to the state of your heart and your mind.

This poem is so incredibly beautiful and touching. I am very fond of this poem! Of course, I am always so glad to read what you write, finding no end to the depth of emotion you are expressing in your spiritual journey which is backed by a high level of knowledge. In addition, I am highly encouraged that you are so forthcoming in expressing yourself, that of your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts. Such expressions allow for a deeper range of discussion and provoke a high amount of thought. You are making me think deeper about Krishna and bhakti, and this makes me very happy. You are a very personable person and I feel very much encouraged by this.

Thank you,


Wed, 07/16/2008 - 15:33 — Karnamrita.das
Sharing our journeys

Wow! Your words bring tears to me eyes. I would like to think that my job is not only go deeper into chanting so as to experience our Lord in his name, shedding tears of joy, but to inspire and touch the hearts of others. My regular prayer is to be empowered to speak, teach, write, heal and inspire the devotees and help them in all ways on their progressive march to Krishna. I know I fall far short of being the devotee I aspire to be, yet Krishna is very kind even to the fallen devotees.

Yes I do share my heart and my struggles in my writing. Being real is very important to me, as is "walking my talk" ---though that is also a challenge. From my perspective I should be way more advanced, yet even 38 years of chanting is nothing compared to being in the material world for countless lifetimes. Never the less the process is powerful if we really put our heart and soul into it. As Prabhupada said, we just have to give this one life to Krishna. And for me that doesn’t seem like much longer, but I still have to realize that sense enjoyment is not real happiness and that my only solace and shelter is serving and loving Krishna through the mercy of my gurus and Lord Chaitanya and Nitai.

Thanks again for your kind expressions. We all have to see the praise of others as their gift to us, graciously accepting it, and knowing that is only due to Krishna's mercy that we can do anything.

Your friend in Krishna,


Tue, 07/15/2008 - 09:15 — Snehal
Wonderful poem

Thank you for sharing with us.

Just today afternoon I was talking to my friend on "selfishness" and you have made a point aout it in your poem. You say above, 'To the degree our soul is uncovered, selfishness lost' , kindly elabroate on this.

Hare Krishna!



Wed, 07/16/2008 - 08:46 — Karnamrita.das
From selfishness to selflessness

Religious life is meant to elevate the human tendency for selfishness through regulated giving, or self sacrifice. In a nutshell life is about giving---giving or serving is what nourishes the soul. We begin with material giving (sometimes with some personal motive) to others in need. Krishna consciousness is meant to help us progress to real spiritual giving to Krishna out of love with no material motivation--we still give to others, yet in relationship to Krishna, as an offering to him. Then our soul feels the satisfaction of heart which eludes us in this world.

Uncovering our soul is demonstrated by how much we can joyfully be a giver, or free from selfishness. In the beginning we may artificially imitate this spirit, and neglect to take care of our needs. We may know so much in theory that we are not our body and want to give everything, yet we have to be careful. Intelligence means knowing our state of spiritual advancement and how much we can give without feeling depleted or weakened.

Our progress is gradual, and at certain life stages we can give more than others. As a single student or brahmacari I lead a very surrendered life (externally) for 9 years, and I created a very good foundation for my married life. Of course I couldn't maintain it, and eventually discovered I had to work through my material desires. That is a long story, but illustrates that we may not be as advanced as we might have thought. Knowing our conditioned self takes time (what to speak of our soul). However, we can always do a little more, and special festivals (like Janmastami) are opportunities to do extra service.

Your friend in Krishna,



Wed, 07/16/2008 - 23:28 — Navasi

I love this:

"Intelligence means knowing our state of spiritual advancement and how much we can give without feeling depleted or weakened."

So true. So important.

"Knowing our conditioned self takes time (what to speak of our soul)."

I love that too.

These things are all such an important balance, and we all need to understand them, not only for our own selves, but also when we are asking for help from others. It's important to realize that others are giving as much as they are able, and not make demands. Asking is fine, but not demanding. (we can all be so demanding at times.... I guess it's a form of selfishness, demanding "spiritual help" from others).

I'm glad you mentioned these things : )


Wed, 07/16/2008 - 11:24 — Snehal
Hare Krishna!

Thank you for the explaination....Your words really have a stong impact on me and they always enlighten me.

Thank you for your guidance.