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Pre-Janmastami, and Janmastami Conference calls, Friday and Sunday

Hi all, as many of you know I will be hosting 2 conference calls, the first tonight at 8PM, the second, Janmastami day at 3PM. I have been inviting a few of you to attend and then I thought I should make a personal blog invite to whoever. I think this would be a good opportunity to meet some of you, and to churn the nectar of topics about Krishna. I like the idea of having a core of very interested devotees like all of you. That makes for an interesting discussion.

These calls are not just about me speaking, but the interaction of devotees. The audience is at least 50% of the equation. Actually without the audience or the interest of the inquiry there is no Krishna katha. Though we can speak to the four walls, having a group come together for a common purpose makes it more relishable. The necessity or urgency of the inquirer to understand, empowers the speaker to speak, so to speak. That is one of the ways Krishna is present. However, not to worry if you don't have a burning question---all questions appreciated, and may lead to someone elses question, or a discussion.

I suggested the concept of a conference call to the organizers since I have hosted other calls, and they said, "Do it". Be careful about your suggestions! :-)) So that is why I went forward, as a service to the devotees. Certainly I appreciate the opportunity to speak, yet this is really your call. I am a facilitator of your service---that is my service.

I only know a few things, a few drops of the unlimited ocean. So it is always humbling to speak to others about Krishna, the supreme unlimited God on one hand, and the most intimate, approachable, supremely lovable, best possible friend, on the other. We are a spark, yet Krishna wants our love and affectionate interactions with him. And we have the opportunity to help each other though hearing and chanting about him

The details are on the home page, but here they are again. Hope to "see" you there.

How to call in:

Dial: (712) 775-7000

Access code: 532329#

This is just like any long distance call. No other charge is made. The calls will last one hour, unless the ecstasy is too great in which case they will be extended.

The conference calls will take place on 2 different days with each day having specific themes.

1st Day:
When: Friday, August 22, 2008
Time: 8 PM Eastern Time

Friday’s Themes for Discussion and Questions:

* Unlimited Incarnations (avatars) of God
* Krishna is the foundation or original aspect of the Absolute Truth
* Classical reasons for God’s descent (Bhagavad-gita ch.4 vs. 6,7,& 8 )
* Many different types of incarnations
* Appreciating how any glorious, opulent, beautiful, or powerful existence represents a fragment of those qualities in Krishna. (Gita ch.10 vs.39,40,41 & 42)

2nd day:
When: Sunday, August 24th, 2008
Time: 3 PM Eastern Time

Janmastami Day’s Themes for Discussions and Questions:

* The Appearance Day of Lord Krishna and why it’s important
* What it demonstrates (the activities of Krishna in the spiritual world etc)
* Krishna’s activities are spiritual or transcendental to worldly activities and by hearing and discussing these activities with interest and devotion one becomes purified and advances spiritually (Bhagavad-gita ch. 4.9)
* Ways Krishna has manifested for the times we live in as Lord Chaitanya, his pure devotees, and the holy name
* How the Hare Krishna mantra is a very merciful incarnation of Krishna

Combined comments from old site

Fri, 08/22/2008 - 20:19 — Snehal
Please guide

I stay in UK. Can I use this service? If yes how?

Hare Krishna!



Sat, 08/23/2008 - 05:44 — Karnamrita.das

Last night on the call there was a devotee from South America. She called via her computer through a service called Skype. You can download the free software. You have to have high speed dial up---DSL or perhaps cable. Otherwise it is a regular long distance call, charged according to your phone plan.

Your friend in Krishna,


Whoops I just saw that Navasi had already informed you. O well, consider yourself double Skyped!


Sat, 08/23/2008 - 00:11 — Navasi

You can use Skype, Shehal.

Anyone from any country who has internet access and a mic can call using it. (you have to have a microphone for your computer though of course, if you want to speak).

It's free, just download it from the internet. Then call the phone number in Karnamrita's blog.

There's no cost from other countries that way (as far as I know, I don't use it much, but a lot of people do).

There are some other "internet phone call" services like that, where there is no charge.... maybe someone else knows of some.



Sat, 08/23/2008 - 07:47 — Snehal
Hare Krisna!

Thank you both of you!

Will be there tomorrow.

Getting all excited about this!



Sat, 08/23/2008 - 07:46 — Snehal
Hare Krisna!

Thank You, Navasi mataji and Karnamrita Prabhu.
I will be there tomorrow.
Getting excited about all this!


Fri, 08/22/2008 - 14:22 — Navasi

Thank you so much Karnamrita,

That was amazing! I totally appreciated all of it.

It was nice to "meet" your wife, Archana Sidhi (hope that's spelled right).

So nice talking with all the devotees who said things too.

I loved what you were both saying about creating community. It's so important these days to expand the ways.

I'm so happy I had the chance to "be there".

Hare Krishna!

Fri, 08/22/2008 - 14:05 — Aruna Locana
Good Service to Devotees!

It was very nice having good association and listening about Lord Krsna's potencies and expansions. I really liked to take part of the first session of this conference call. Even if it was for a short time. I didnt have time to make my question, so I am writing it here. I was reading on Queen Kunti's Teachings and on chapter 14 it says that Lord Krsna performs His lilas with the family and friends just like a cowerd boy and I also read that when he is far from them, I mean in separation the feeling is stronger, the feeling of love. How is it.. how can Srimate Radharani prefer to see Krsna expanding and hiding from her behind the trees than seeing Him personally...Could you please explain it.

Thank you for the association

Hare Krsna

Aruna dd

Fri, 08/22/2008 - 09:14 — Navasi

Oh wow.... this is fantastic!

I will sure be there if I possibly can for both of them.

Thanks so much Karnamrita!

Great Idea!

Jaya, Hari Bol !

: )