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Before Enlightenment Stacking Wood

Before enlightenment
stacking wood,
After enlightenment
stacking wood (with Prema).

That time of year--still hot,
though change is in the air,
whispered by Krishna’s Nature
thru the plants and living things.

We try to order wood early
so it can stand and “cure”,
though sometimes our wood guy
lives up to the slow country image.

Still, it is cooler now to stack
the wood, and this time my wife
is helping, to motivate me
(the procrastinator) to get the job done.

This is the first year she
has helped, and it is much
better than solo,
more gets done, and it’s fun!

We chant Hare Krishna in our
mind, or out loud, discussing KC
or a therapy case and joke
that we aren’t frontier folk.

We live in the country but usually
her allergies force her indoors,
though now she discovered masks
so she works like a doctor (or bandit).

So we go for an hour or more
every few days--I bring
her logs, and we both stack,
and I go back, and forth.

The smell of hardwood,
sweat wetting me,
mixing with dirt, coloring
body and shirt–covering my soul.

Evening Sun casts a glow,
bugs looking for skin,
spiders, bugs run for cover
as their home is moved.

The Earth at our feet-- another
world busy with searching, hiding,
victims and victors--
now we giants disturb both.

Gradually slowing
my arms and wrist aching--
ouch!, as I drop a log on my knee
just a bit of pain, the wood tower rises.

Visible progress made, closing one door
to open another, feeling satisfied
at the dignity of simple, outdoor labor,
enabling us to lead a life of devotion.
(and stay warm in the coming winter)

Combined comments from old site

Sun, 09/07/2008 - 01:39 — abrennan
You are so good at weaving

You are so good at weaving words like that. I was always impressed by Rod Mckuen. Do you know of him. I was always disappointed with him in the end as there seemed to be something missing from his free verse, which I liked as he wrote about love, but could never put my finger on what was missing. Now I know, it's Krishna. You have Krishna in the beginning, Krishna in the middle and Krishna in the end. Nothing missing at all. What a mutltidimensional teaching this is. Good on you Karnamrita

Hare Krishna


Sun, 09/07/2008 - 14:41 — Karnamrita.das
Weaving, knitting, kneading, inserting, putting, adding

Always nice to know my service has been helpful--even though I am surprised by it sometimes. I am so grateful to Krishna that he has given me something I love to do, and can do, that I can help others with. Amazing! Part of being a devotee is to share our good fortune. And the basis of being a devotee is weaving Krishna in all aspects of our life. As Shrila Bhaktisiddhanat used to say, "The only scarcity in the world is Krishna consciousness.", so our job is to add Krishna to everything!

Your friend in Krishna,


Thu, 09/04/2008 - 10:06 — HolyGrass
Haribol! I loved reading

I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing.

"It's better to see God in everything than to try to figure it out." Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji)

Thu, 09/04/2008 - 02:22 — Navasi

That feels so peaceful.



Have a nice warm winter, both of you :)


Wed, 09/03/2008 - 14:02 — Go-Seva
Yet again...

You have managed to hit a subject close to home for us, too. We are winding down the summer bounty and trying to preserve as much as we can, and looking to get some wood soon as well.

I love the simple life, as I lived it when I was young but got away from it after going into the military to live all around the world. Now that I am back into it, and with two small children, it seems harder, but it is well worth it. My allergies are bad this time of year, too (although I am too forgetful to wear a mask.)

The parallels are amazing, and I really appreciate you putting those thoughts into words. It's refreshing for me to hear from a kindred spirit...