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Intensity of Prayer

Would you care to know what
I am thinking?, as I sit in the dentist
chair for a cleaning, wondering if the
hygienist sees any meaning, in an
ugly form of existence--teeth rotting!

I realize this form of writing is not
for everyone, as it may seem frivolous,
unimportant, compared to other discussions,
though for me it gives a voice to the
great intensity I often feel, though can't speak.

So often I'm confronted with my
inability to express my deepest feelings
and understandings, which indicates a lack
of actual realization; although words are limited,
simple, profound expression is given the pure.

Still, I hope the intensity to share is OK with you,
for me, it's purification, and to be a giver;
explaining about Krishna is itself uplifting--
even mixed with our life, going within deeply
helps us to better understand as we give.

Prayer and the Name, my constant companion
to counteract my illusion that
everything is fine with me---NO, it's not!--
as I am still forgetful who I really am as
soul and servant of Krishna--so I need help!

My dear Sweet Lord of my Heart
save me from complacency, familiarity,
ego's enjoying mentality, apart from you,
that this body and it's possessions are mine--
truly nothing is mine, but you!

The Naked Truth, my Absolute necessity
to cut though the falsity,
bringing me misery of physical reality--
if only I can realize my self and
see service to you as my only treasure!

We all must empty out our cups of deception,
all our material attachments, desires, fears
so we can fill our heart cups full of Prema
(your love) and activities favorable to devotion
which is our satisfying eternal position.

Combined comments from old site

Thu, 09/25/2008 - 17:23 — shikha
help me

HARE KRISHNA . well all wording i have read above is very true. i also go through some of stories that we have to detach ourself from such materialistic enjoyment as human body is media for liberation of soul . please if anyone of devotees can help me in knowing how to get out of these sensual attachments how can we make our mind so strong even not to think of this huge web of attachments always trying to engulf and enslave us ? i mean even during prayer or chanting always mind is wavering it never get concentrated on holy NAME EVEN i realize that theses attachments really make person slave i mean person is so engulfed in this whole hrs he is just pondering over baseless issues of life ? even i discover that end tail of all these material gratification is pain sorrow suffering but i am totally unable to get out of this huge mesh of deeply entangling attachments . they r making me mentally and spiritually so weak although i am conscious of this thing its just paradoxicle cycle of life and death but still mind is not constant its running its so unstable that it starts running and all this happens especially during chanting . plz help me HARE KRISHNA


Fri, 09/26/2008 - 04:11 — Karnamrita.das
Good association, patience and practice

Since I don't know you I can't know all the intricacies of your life, though I can offer you the general principles we all need to practice.

The mind is a problem for all conditioned souls---either our friend or enemy. The mind absorbed in materialism and sense gratification is our enemy, while engaged in Krishna's service it is our friend.

My comment to Snehal can be applied to you as well. Krishna consciousness means changing what we allow to influence us by gradual practice. We are by nature servants, under one of the potencies of Krishna---either Krishna's external Maya, which means illusion, or under his internal potency, which is about service to him.

In order to make this shift we all have to associate with Krishna through his holy name and service in good devotee association. If you are feeling the pangs of material miseries than count yourself fortunate as this is meant to be a wake up call that you need a spiritual solution. As Arjuna in the Gita came to the realization that only Krishna's instruction could save him from his great dilemma, so all of us have to understanding that only Krishna and his devotees can save us----and then we have to act on that knowledge.

God helps those who help themselves. Take the medicine of the holy name of Krishna for the disease of materialism. Pray for help like anything, and do what is necessary for to remember and serve Krishna. This site contains much information on how to do that. Krishna will help you if you take steps toward him. Don't be on the fense.

Your friend in Krishna,


Thu, 09/25/2008 - 04:41 — Snehal
Common pronlem

Hare Krishna!
I liked your beautiful poem specially this verse.

'Prayer and the Name, my constant companion
to counteract my illusion that
everything is fine with me---NO, it's not!--
as I am still forgetful who I really am as
soul and servant of Krishna--so I need help!"

Please discusss the solution for this. I have seen that when I am all alone I can remember Lord and the original position. But most of the time, I cannot be conscious about the truth as I am surrounded by material things around. I think this will be a common problem among devotees.



Thu, 09/25/2008 - 06:18 — Karnamrita.das
Practice makes perfect

Hopefully you can daily dedicate some time in the morning to chanting the holy name, praying and reading the KC philosophy----though at least at some time of the day. If you have a sacred space in your home to do this that is best. Then the feelings and thoughts you have about Krishna consciousness can be remembered throughout the day. From having a definite place where we remember and serve Krishna---thinking of our self as his servant--we want to bring that out into our life. This means we are practicing seeing Krishna everywhere and within the hearts of all. Your work place can become your place of seva, and the money you earn yajna or sacrifice (at least part of it) for giving to Krishna and his dear servants.

When I was a new devotee living in the Temple over 30 years ago, there was a real duality between "inside" and "outside" the Temple. I used to tell people that they could be Krishna conscious living outside the Temple and ashram, but frankly that wasn't fathomable---I didn't really believe it, and we eventually tried to get most people to give up their possessions and move into the ashram. That was the model then.

Wherever we live and whatever our ashram, we all have to establish a Temple of Radha and Krishna in our hearts, and feel they are always with us, guiding and directing us. Then even though we may work and live in the world, we will only have the service of Krishna and our gurus to render---matter and spirit are not so much a place as a plane of consciousness. All in good time. Practice makes perfect.

For more information about this please refer to Prabhupada's Gita, the purport to Chapter 4 vs 24 which is one of my favorite.

Here is part of it: "The more the activities of the material world are performed in Krishna consciousness, or for Vishnu only, the more the atmosphere becomes spiritualized by complete absorption. The work brahma [Brahman] means "spiritual". The Lord is spiritual, and the rays of his transcendental body are called brahmajyoti, his spiritual effulgence. Everything that exists is situated in that brahmajyoti, but when the jyoti is covered by illusion (maya) or sense gratification, it is called material. The material veil can be removed at once by Krishna consciousness; thus the offering for the sake of Krishna consciousness, the consuming agent of such an offering or contribution, the contributer, and the result are---all combined together---Brahman or the Absolute Truth. The Absolute Truth covered by maya is called matter. Matter dovetailed for the cause of the Absolute Truth regains its spiritual quality. Krishna consciousness is the process of converting the illusory energy into Brahman or the Supreme."

I especially like the last sentence.

Matter means we have forgotten the connection with Krishna. When we are truly Krishna conscious, all there is is Krishna, his service, and his devotees.

Your friend in Krishna,



Thu, 09/25/2008 - 22:04 — Snehal
Thank you

Thank you for the wonderful reply. I think what I need is practice and patience.



Wed, 09/24/2008 - 10:17 — Navasi

It's not easy to let go.

When you get to the point of noticing that you are holding on, even as you see the choice, and the attachment, that's when the work gets really hard it seems.

It's not easy, as far as I'm concerned anyway.
~ ~ ~

I like your free-verse. I agree it takes effort to understand, but like you said, so does every deep aspect of Krishna consciousness. I know you need to be writing for the others here, not me. Still, I think sometimes people don't always know what to say when confronted with depth. It's not always easy to comment on. Just a thought.



Wed, 09/24/2008 - 11:46 — Karnamrita.das
Many voices

My humble friend, your voice is very important to be heard, judging from the comments you receive. If you have an audience that is part of the reason for your urge. Krishna has made the perfect arrangement for everyone---those who want to express, and those who want to be moved and think deeply. Another example of the dance of life----who is leading and who is following is not always possible to discern!.....yet we aim for Guru and Krishna!

Your friend in Krishna,



Thu, 09/25/2008 - 10:29 — Navasi
The Dance



I want to express, be moved, think deeply, lead who I can lead, follow who I can follow, and most of all:

Dance in the dance of our life aim of Guru and Krishna.

Thank you for moving me, leading me, and making me think deeply. (and helping my expression, which is of course, as you said, all part of the dance :)

All Glories To Srila Prabhupad.

Your friend in Krishna : )

Wed, 09/24/2008 - 15:51 — jivatattva
Speaking Level

So many voices, so many souls reaching the speaking level of spirituality - The process of giving increasing ones ability to receive.