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Questions and Answers at the County Fair

Bhagavatam comes to mind extolling
virtuous questions & answers for Krishna
since life runs on questions & answers--
even in birds, bees, or beasts
though few realize the effect.

At a country fair
selling for Kindred Spirits,
looking at all the booths--
each like its' own world selling
things, food, concepts, services.

Next door is a fire dept. booth
speaking about fire prevention;
a window and siding booth
sharing how theirs is best--
100s of booths, the drone of sound.

I love people---and watching them
so diverse and complex (hiding the soul)
each body the consequence of past lives
with current thoughts, actions taking
their toll in wrinkles, freckles, fat or not.

Bhagavatam comes to mind extolling
virtuous questions & answers of Krishna
since life runs on questions & answers--
even in birds, bees, or beasts
though few realize the effect.

Everywhere are questions & answers
material sounds and interests
leading to more bodies
and conditions of life--
as our heart is, so we go.

There should be a soul
or consciousness uplifting booth,
giving the chance to understand
the open, deep secrets of real life,
fueled by spiritual urgency.

There would be few
customers, as the religious
booths here seem out of place,
with nothing new to satiate
unlimited desires of Fair goers.

The masses stream by
searching for what they
have forgotten, substitutes
for love and service to Krishna,
what is really dear to them.

How to help them with
care and compassion, part
the veil of illusion, awakening
them from the dream, to understand
their real heart and souls' desire?

As we save our self--leading the
best life we can, then our prayers
increase in potency, empowering
our intention to find a way to
inject spiritual life into their hearts.

Every situation is an opportunity to
remember Krishna; to give, care, love
and serve so every person can be
helped in some way, if we are
open to Krishna's direction.

Combined comments from old site

Thu, 10/09/2008 - 11:06 — Karnamrita.das
A strange place

As I was sitting in the fair I thought I would do my best to share my feelings about being in this unusual atmosphere. We were off to the side of the main area which was a carnival full of rides, animals, and various shows. Looking at all the different booths was so interesting. Everyone representing a different company or service, and was speaking about it, yet no one knew anything about Krishna. And the religious booths seemed very out of touch with the atmosphere and real needs of the people.

As a new devotee I was in such an us and them, black and white consciousness, that it would have been very difficult to be in this atmosphere with these people. Now, although I naturally prefer being with devotees, or higher consciousness people, I can be here and think about the situation in relationship to the KC philosophy.

Can't say I was or am in Vrindavana, though that is my ideal. Until then I keep busy and endeavor to remember Krishna to the best of my ability. There are certainly worse environments to work in, yet even in this situation, I can't help but remember my good fortune at being a devotee, knowing about the great mercy of Lord Chaitanya and Nitai, Shri Radha Krishna, Prabhupada and my shiksa gurus, and having such wonderful devotee friends.

Your friend in Krishna,