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Water turns to ghee by the grace of a realized Vrindavana devotee and tips on chanting

From Sacinandana Swami' newsletter:

Today, I chanted, prayed, sang, and deeply connected at Govinda Kunda. What an atmosphere!

Before me the kund, or pond, and towering behind-tall and majestic-Giriraja Govardhana. A cool breeze moves the leaves of the trees of desire whose arms dance in the wind as if offering arotika to Radha Govinda. This breeze cools my body and mind as well as those of my roommate-a small bat who listens intensely to my japa and singing.

As the counting beads go by-indicating numbers of rounds way beyond my quota-a thought manifests: How can I connect with the Lord during my chanting?

I recall the three points of Bhaktivinoda Thakura and apply them:
1. Remember the name is Krishna.
2. Meditate about the meaning of the name while chanting.
3. Cry out to Krishna-beg for mercy while taking the name.
All of a sudden a herd of about fifteen or twenty surabhi cows walks by the kunda.

Whenever cows walk next to or on the top of Giriraja, you know that Krishna walks behind them.

Oh, if I could only see spiritually! May my blindness one day disappear by the power of the dust of Vraja!

In the evening I go to a tree where a great siddha mahatma (perfected soul) chanted before me. At the time he sat there, the local residents of Govinda Kunda had to get all their groceries from traveling merchants. No ghee if the merchant did not come that day.

One day the priest of the local Radha-Gopinatha temple went to the siddha mahatma in a panic:
"Maharaja, there is no more ghee in the kitchen. How will I cook the puris for the deities? The merchant will not come for another week."

"No problem," answered the mahatma. "Use the water of Govinda Kunda to fry the puris."
The pujari did so, and for an entire week the water turned into ghee to fry the puris. No problem in Vrindavan for those who wish to serve.

After a week, when the merchant arrived, the pujari asked the mahatma if he should buy ghee or continue to use the water of the kunda.
The mahatma answered firmly: "Yes, buy ghee but for each time you took from the Lord's Govinda Kunda, you must offer the same amount of ghee back into the pond. We are Krishna's servants. He should never be allowed to become
our servant!"

All these impressions come to us in millions of forms in Vrindavan, giving us the impetus to connect deeply with our Lord.

Oh, even a short time in Vrindavan is therapeutic, healing, and always totally amazing!

Combined comments from old site

Wed, 11/05/2008 - 10:22 — milan
I like these stories!!!

I like these stories!!! Full of wisdom.

Wed, 10/29/2008 - 23:05 — Navasi

Thank you, Karnamrita prabhu,

This is really wonderful. I read it last night quickly just before I left the website, but the tips about chanting stayed with me.

I remembered them this morning while I was chanting and tried to apply them.

Reading it again this morning, it's magical. Krishna, there with him.

I appreciate so much the reminder to give everything back to Krishna. I often am only conscious of how Krishna doesn't need anything. I think about how much I need (strength, guidance, encouragement, etc.), and I ask Him to help me. I forget to give everything He gives me, back to Him in some way.

Hare Krishna,