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Interfaith Concert

    Some months ago I did a tour and interview for a youth group from Munger Place United Methodist Church. These high school youths were chaperoned by their minister Ernest McMillan. The interview went really nicely. One of the key discussions that was brought about was in regards to the four legs of Dharma

    • Satyam (Honesty/Truthful)
    • Saucam (Cleanliness of the mind and body)
    • Tapa (selfcontrol/austerity)
    • Daya (compassion/mercy)

    and the corresponding four regulative priniciples

    • Not gambling for honesty
    • Not engaging in intoxications, going clean, keeping the mind and body clean
    • Not engaging in illicit sex life, having a sense of self control and a sense of working for a high pleasures
    • Not supporting slaughter houses and animal killing and thus mitigating ones sense of compassion.

    Later Minister McMillan contacted me and told me that all the kids really appreciated the talk and that he would like to see more of us. I told him that he should see us perform the 100 devotee harinam that happens every month here in Dallas which was happening that Saturday. He came downtown and really enjoyed parading around with us in sankirtan harinam and thus he asked us if we could partake in a Interfaith Concert that he had organized.

    We were in the middle in the line up of performers. There were performers of many faiths. There was a Christian dance performance, Jewish band, African band, and many others as well. Soon after starting our kirtan performance the Christian dance troup joined in on the kirtan, dancing in glorification of the Supreme.

    The concert was very nice and we look forward to serving with Brother Ernest in the furture.

    Hare Krishna

    Your humble servant,

    Nityananda Chandra Das This is a short video clip that my wife took with our camera, you can see Brother Ernest dancing and clapping on side.

    And this is the full lenght video recorded by Rupa Madhurya Prabhu of