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Clues in the World Pointing Behind The Veil

Seeing Krishna is the perfection of the eyes
the soul is never satiated drinking that beauty
eyelids blinking seem like a calamity hiding him
as each moment is ever fresh, like our first, best love.

White countryside
Most severe weather passes us by
usually only threats of snow or storms,
though some come and yesterday we had
the first snow of the year—4 inches.

Our adult children and friends stayed over
visiting their past homes, land and memories
born as devotees still finding their way
we support them, being real and accommodating.

A cold rainy weekend dampened their plans
resourceful, they spent time together as they could
then we heard Sunday’s forecast so they left early
our son and fiancée as the first flakes fell.

This morning was a white winter wonderland
perfect fluffy, powdered snow coated the trees
making them shine in the morning sun
taking my breathe away, my lips, “Wow!”

Within the shortcomings and miseries of matter
the hint of the Creator and Loving Source
who can be traced out indirectly through his
Universal Form—the first step in God realization.

In beauty, power, and glory of nature
we see only a spark of Krishna’s greatness—
still, those forgetful of that standard of sublimity
can be awestruck thinking what must be the Origin.

Seeing Krishna is the perfection of the eyes
the soul is never satiated drinking that beauty
eyelids blinking seem like a calamity hiding him
as each second is ever fresh, like our first, best love.

Every moment can remind us of Krishna
amidst everyday life and the natural environment
making the best use of the soul’s embarrassment
have a restricting, limiting, forgetful body, mind, ego.

Waiting for springAnother vieewGrowing our clothes lineThe Sun reveals snow wonderPhotobucketOur snow blanket homeCovered trees meet the sky

Combined comments from old site

Tue, 03/03/2009 - 16:19 — Dhama Rupini

Hare Krsna Prabhu,
Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. I enjoyed reading this very descriptive free verse poem. It reminds me of some of my Literature lectures, however reading this is so gratifying because one can experience the beauty that Krsna exudes.We can clearly see Krsna's hand in nature be it inclement weather or brilliant skies. This is something I absolutely love to do observing nature and thinking of Krsna .Krsna is indeed isvara and we can see Krsna in everything and make Him the centre if only we remain steadfast.
Very beautiful indeed. Keep writing.


Wed, 03/04/2009 - 10:45 — Karnamrita.das
The Master Painter

The beginning of my spiritual life was spent primarily in the beauty of Nature, in the majestic redwood forest that are awe inspiring at their immense size and the feeling of grandeur. At that time Nature was THE manifestation of...I didn't say God, but our Source or the Universal whatever. I was trying to figure all that out, until I began reading Prabhupada's Gita and other such books.

Though I now live in the country, as it is very conducive for spiritual practice influenced by the mode or quality of goodness, it is was not nearly as important as the holy name or Deity form of Krishna. However, since I moved here 5 years ago I am much more in tune with my surroundings and the changing seasons, phases of the mood, stars and wildlife--and the silence--which in the snow is ever greater! Some city folks can't stand the peace, quite and slow pace (they want action!), but we are very comfortable here, and couldn't imagine living in a bustling city. Of course we do go for teaching and sharing KC, and for me to work and shop.

I am grateful that you left a comment and that you appreciated my attempt at capturing something of my experience and feelings seeing this incredible snow beauty--rare around here. There as so many manifestations of Krishna we can share. I always am glad to hear those who express their inspiration at Krishna's nature. Thank you!

Your friend in Krishna,