Battlefield Bajans

My friend Partha-sarathi dasa is a devotee of Lord Krishna. He also happens to be a soldier in Iraq.

He has taught me that regardless of our situation, or of the political or economic environment we are in it is the consciousness with which you face your karma that matters. Your Krishna Consciousness that is!


Partha-sarathi now has his own blog where he has posted some stories and photo's of his recent activities. He calls his blog "Battlefield Bhajans."

One of the stories he tells is about what happened during a program he had organised when a rocket attack occured:

"We were having a program when, all of a sudden, we heard the incoming alerting system. The rocket impacted 100 feet from us. I directed everyone to run to the bunker. When everyone was out the door, I grabbed my Lords and my mrdanga and ran to the bunker. For those that have never experienced the bliss of going through a mortar or rocket attack it is a waiting game. You sit in this little bunker waiting, sometimes it is only one rocket, sometimes five or six. So you're there for some time.

Everyone in the bunker stared at me as I ran in with the Lord and this weird drum. I placed the Lords down on a box. Slowly people started coming up to me asking questions. I explained about the Lord in His Deity form and about the chanting of the Holy Name. They listened with absolute attention. Their minds were fixed on the Holy Name and as I slowly taught them the Maha Mantra. They asked if I could play the drum, and I showed them I could play a little. I suggested we all sing to pass the time. Everyone agreed except one man, who said some negative comments.

As we started some were nervous, but as time went on their inhabitation’s left and they gave their hearts to the Holy Name. Some eyes were closed and strained in concentration, some had huge smiles, some were chanting as loud as they can. We chanted and chanted and chanted some more, we didn’t even hear the all clear announcement. By this time more and more people heard the bhajan and came into the bunker. As we finished two hours have passed. Afterwards one girl and a few boys talked with me and asked if they could come chant with me everyday. Looks like another is hooked on the nectar."

you check out the blog here: