The books, the books

I really like books, no I mean really. ( and I mean really-really)

I have books everywhere, just in case there is a moment to read one of them. There are books in almost every room - just in case. There are even some in the hall. Well there’s a bookshelf there. That’s not strange is it? You have to put bookshelves in the hall when you already have bookshelves in the other rooms.

I find it a practical thing. I like to read books and I like it a lot so if I’m passing by the hall or I am near the lounge room well I can spend some time with one book or another. It’s not like I am addicted or anything. I just like books.

Here’s another example I have a bag I take it to work. That’s normal most of the other people on the bus have bags, and lots of them are reading books as they travel. The bag has my lunch in it and a few other things and yes it has a book. It has these zippered compartments you can fit lots of things in there.

OK in one of those zippered compartments there is another book. Well it’s good to have a little variety. Then sometimes there is another book also, not every day just some. It’s hard to choose which book to take, once on a while, when you’re rushing to get the bus.

That's not the end, I admit it, and there is also a magazine. Alright there’s more there are two magazines. Now that is everything and the end of it, there is no more, except for the little booklet. Ah now that doesn’t count as it’s not actually a book. Nor does the other booklet count, that one is not a book and it doesn't count either.

That makes three books two magazines and two booklets. Not too many there I reckon. What do you think? It’s probably just over your usual amount of reading matter. You never know what kind of situation you might find yourself in whilst you have your bag, on the way to work. You know how it is.

In my bag there is Srimad Bhagavatam Canto one part two. The war ends and Krishna Leaves for Hastinpura for Dvaraka. Everyone is devastated to see him go. And when he gets home to Dvaraka they go wild and crazy. Now that’s a must I’d say. In one of those pockets is a “pocket Bhagavad Gita As It Is.” A little black one, it’s so cute I like it. Now who would argue against having a pocket Bhagavad Gita just in case?
The third one which I had to take to keep reading lately is The Krishna Book. Who can put it down?

The first magazine is Back to Godhead the May/June edition. The second magazine is different it the July/August edition of Back to Godhead. Magazines are great but they are over too soon so I carry them around and keep looking to see if I have missed anything. Don’t you? I like to buy extra copies of Back to Godhead to give away. It has such great articles, very topical and edifying.

Then there are the two booklets that don’t really count but I’ll tell you anyway. One little booklet is the Sri Hanuman Chalisa. A Chalisa is a devotional poem consisting of forty “chaupaayees” or four-lined stanzas and three “dohaas” or two-lined couplets two at the beginning and one at the end. The word “Chalisa” comes from “chaalees” which means. There are Chalisa’s about many Vedic characters. They are traditionally used to pray for cure of sickness.

The other little booklet is a small booklet called Bhakti Shastri Verse Book. It’s meant to help you remember core verses from the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Isopanishad, The Nectar of Instruction and the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu. It’s a bit of light reading when you only have a few minutes.

I’m not suggesting you should try this at home and read so much. I’m not trying either. It’s like I am driven by my book glands or something. There is this photo of me with family taken at Sydney Harbour and everyone else is enjoying looking at the nature all around us and I am looking at my mobile phone. So I am reading the Srimad Bhagavatam online with my mobile phone OK what’s your problem with that?

That's a few of my books for the moment (oh yes there's more) what about yours?

Hare Krishna