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Appreciating The Blessings of Nature

PhotobucketMy wife and I "own" four acres of land (the bank thinks they own it, though it really belongs to Krishna) in the foothills of North Carolina. It is near to Hanging Rock State Park (one hour north of Winston-Salem).

This country area is quite beautiful, the peaceful environment conducive for spiritual practice. After living in the suburbs of Baltimore for 14 years, an unbelievable opulence is having all spiritually minded devotee neighbors.

Sometimes I go down to the bottom of our land and chant, read or just commune with nature. Here is a poem I wrote during one such occasion:


Idyllic meditation spot
at the bottom of our land;
I sit by the creek hearing
sounds of wind and birds.

The deep and light
green of the forest,
the rich smell of earth
after days of rain.

Coming here nourishes
an unused part of me,
my intuitive nature and
need to commune with the earth.

Even though this land
was cleared many years ago,
many large trees remain
giving great joy to my psyche.

These large old growth trees
are "real trees" to me,
who are priceless beings
living hundreds of years.

I come here occasionally
if I have chanting to do
on my (japa) beads at midday
and I have the extra time.

I daydream of making
a secret discovery of treasure,
finding a clue to Vedic culture,
or talking to nature spirits.

I am always at the center
of my wandering mind,
very far from being absorbed
in Krishna's pastimes (lila).

I, me, and mine
are still often my focus,
the enjoying propensity,
secondarily offering it to Krishna.

Something is better than nothing
yet the goal of chanting
is to love Krishna, free from false ego
and identify his purpose as my own.

At present I can only read about
or pray to obtain my high ideal,
while I honestly feel it will be lifetimes
to revive my eternal serving nature.

As I think and write
flies buzz around my head,
the light frequently changing
as the sun goes behind clouds.

I am grateful that Krishna has
provided me such a beautiful place
to chant, write, pray, and think
how merciful that blue boy is to me!