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Krishna Erects The Dvaraka Fort

"When the demigods saw that Krishna was constructing a particular city of His own choice, the sent the celebrated parijata flower of the heavenly planet to be planted in the new city.

They also sent a parliamentary house, Sudharma.
The specific quality of this assembly house was that anyone participating in a meeting within it would overcome the influence of invalidity due to old age.

The demigod Varuna also presented a horse, which was all white except for black ears and which could run at the speed of the mind.

Kuvera, the treasurer of the demigods, presented the art of attaining the eight perfectional stages of material opulences.

In this way, all the demigods began to present their respective gifts, according to their different capacities.

There are thirty-three million demigods, and each of them is entrusted with a particular department of universal management.

All the demigods took the opportunity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead's constructing a city of His own choice to present their respective gifts, making the city of Mathura unique within the universe.

This proves that there are undoubtedly innumerable demigods, but none of them are independent of Krishna.

As stated in the Caitanya-caritamrita, Krishna is the supreme master, and all others are servants.

So, all the servants took the opportunity of rendering service to Krishna when He was personally present within this universe.

This example should be followed by all, especially those who are Krishna conscious, for they should serve Krishna by their respective abilities."

Srila Prabhupad, from Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead

This illustrates the opulences of Krishna, the obvious reason to worship Krishna instead of demigods, and also how we should each use our various skills and talents, according to our occupations and abilities in the service of Krishna.

(I also think it puts our various material opulences that we may have acquired into proper perspective :) :) :)
Hare Krishna! : )

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Mon, 12/31/2007 - 20:21 — abrennan
abrennan's picture

Here is an article from a recent issue of Back to Godhead all about the Dvarakalila of the most opulent Lord Sri Krishna.

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Tue, 01/01/2008 - 01:28 — Navasi
Navasi's picture

Dvaraka Krishna. Dvarakadisa. :)
Hare Krishna, Dear Antony,
That's a really wonderful article all about the activities of Krishna while He was in Dvaraka!
Thank you so much for providing that for us all.
I've always been really attracted to this Krishna (not that I am not attracted to other Krishna's also), it's just so fascinating the way that Krishna runs a city, is a King, and how He does it, and how opulent it all is..... (what to speak of how many wives He had there, and how they each had their own palace and Krishna was in each one of them, I mean! :)
We all like to read about huge temples, big cities, fantastic things, amazing gardens, etc...
Here, Krishna has the most amazing city, gardens, buildings, and all the demigods have each given the very best, most valuable thing that they possess for Krishna's city...
I mean, how cool is that???
That horse alone, for example, all white with black ears, and it can run at the speed of the mind!!?? Incredible!!!
Thanks for providing this link to the article, I really appreciate it.