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You Meet The Nicest People.....

While going through my email this morning I found the most beautiful letter from someone and it reminded me of this simple basic fact:

You meet the nicest people around Krishna.

This gentleman was someone that my husband and I became acquainted with during a devotional service project we were engaged in. I didn't really know him all that well, but he seemed like a nice person.
Well, we exchanged a few letters, and this one was just wonderful. He's very serious about Krishna consciousness, and says he wants to always hear 'what's real so he doesn't ever forget'. He included some lovely photos of some cows he is involved with. : )

Beautiful cows.
Beautiful soul caring for them.

So, that letter was a reminder to me that so many people who are reading this website, or members here, may not be ready to surrender to Krishna, or take all of this seriously.
However, even if they aren't, still, the nicest people in the world who you could ever hope to meet are amongst the devotees.
People who are attracted to Krishna have sweet, good, kind, loving souls. They would not be so attracted to Krishna otherwise.
It takes a certain amount of "goodness" to even be interested in Krishna, or to want to be around devotees.

So many people are trying to figure out where they can meet nice people. You will hear them say "oh, I just need to figure out where I can meet someone nice".
Even if you are not ready to take up the process of Krishna consciousness seriously and devote your life to it, still, you will be around the nicest people if you associate with devotees.

Something to think about : )

*note to myself: oh dear, yet another person saying I should write a book about my experiences in the early days of the movement! I keep trying to ignore this, Krishna, but I guess sooner or later I have to face the fact that you must be trying to tell me something!


: )

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Mon, 06/16/2008 - 01:34 — Jaaaay
Jaaaay's picture
Navasi Devi Dasi

Navasi Devi Dasi Autobiography KI JAYA!

It's so true about how nice the devotees are. Even the ones that aren't so nice or are neutral, they're just so absorbed in serving Krishna that you can't bring yourself to dislike them. I only started properly associating with devotees whenever I had the chance within the last 3 or 4 months, and honest to God, I still can't believe how nice they are. Even before I spent time with them, I always sensed this purity about them, I couldn't explain it. And they never made dirty jokes, they never swore, they didn't discuss the football or the latest celebrity news, and they were always very friendly and eager to talk. Now I meet people like that every day at work, but they behave that way because that kind of behaviour is demanded of professionals. The moment they walk out of the building the foul language erupts and the day's miseries are unleashed. When you spend more time with devotees you realise they're not faking it or suppressing their real behaviour at all... they're completely genuine. If I had to describe the devotees in one way it would be that - they're real.

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Mon, 06/16/2008 - 04:51 — Navasi
Navasi's picture

That's all so true, J...

Even though we are all imperfect and have faults, everyone is endeavoring for perfection, endeavoring to please Krishna.

It's such a different orientation from those who are in this world just for their own satisfaction.

I remember recently I was explaining some of the goals and aspirations of people who are devotees to someone who is not a devotee.
He was really surprised and said "wow, most people are just trying as hard as they can to get as much pleasure out of life as possible".

So, I think there is a lot to be said for the endeavor, and the change in consciousness that it creates.

Trying to please Krishna, is pleasing to Krishna.
Pleasing Krishna, pleases everyone.

Thank you for your comments.

: )


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Mon, 06/16/2008 - 10:07 — salvanos
salvanos's picture
Navasi everything you write

Everything you write is such a pleasure to read. I was actually just thinking about this subject this afternoon. I was out looking for a second job, and was thinking about friends that I am drifting away from due to their bad influences on me. My efforts to clean my life, and mature past the stage of sense gratification. While thinking about all this the thought came into my head, that everywhere I go negativity abounds, but those engaged in living a life for the lord always are kind.
I have felt that no one has judged me for my wrongs, and bad habits here. All I have gotten is great advice, and encouragement. Even if the only association I have with devotees right now is through the net, it is still association, and I feel that it is already having a positive influence on my life. Not only in my vertical development, but my horizontal as well.
So thank you Navasi, and many thanks to the wonderful devotees on connect. All of you have done so much great work encouraging, and fostering KC.

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Mon, 06/16/2008 - 22:58 — Navasi
Navasi's picture
Friends vs "friends"

Thank you for your kind words Salvanos.
I'm very glad that you like reading the things I write, and that it helps you with your Krishna consciousness.

I was thinking about what you said about the friends you are moving away from in your life, and your new friends here amongst the devotees.

The problem with friendships in material world is that people make and keep their friendships based on what you can do for them in a material sense.

They look at you in terms of:
Can you do something for me?
Can you further my own interests?
Will you gratify my senses in some way? (that way could be physical or just gratifying their ego)

If you can't, either now, or sometime in the future (meaning they can't see a way you will in the future) then, they are not interested in being your friend.

On the other hand, devotees will look at your soul, at your desire to serve and love Krishna.

How much does this person want to know Krishna?
How much does this person desire to serve Krishna?
How can I help this person know and serve Krishna?
How can I help this person develop his loving relationship with Krishna?

These are they ways that devotees look at others, and their relationships with others.
It's an entirely different orientation.

It's wonderful to hear how much benefit you are getting from being here on connect and associating with all the wonderful devotee here.
You're right, even though it's the internet, it's still association. Association with devotees occurs wherever Krishna and His devotees are being glorified.

Hare Krishna! : )


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Tue, 06/17/2008 - 13:10 — Gopa Aaron
Gopa Aaron's picture

It's different for me.
Devotees are far away from me a lot of the time and I always land with regular people learning to see the goodness in them no matter who they are.
I would love more than anything to have the most perfect association all the time with devotees but I have found that that is not how life works. Everyone is valuable.
Everyone has the innate potential to be a devotee. It's so amazing to see how Srila Prabhupada helped to prove this when he came to America. He could have looked for the most perfect saints in India but he came to America and Europe and found some wonderful people and reached their hearts. Then again all around the world He still reaches so many people.
Me, being such a lowly miscreant is thankful to receive the Lord's Mercy, I feel so unworthy but I know that Lord Krsna loves everyone no matter who they are.

Bhakta Aaron