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Romance Is In the Air

It's a difficult fragrance to describe.
Breathing is difficult as he gets closer, due to the gag reflex when the body senses something toxic.

It is 'rutting' season for goats.
Buckwheat is the dominant male of Mathura's herd.
To make himself attractive to the ladies he is urinating all over himself.
The smell is overpowering and I am grateful for the fence that keeps us apart.
He will either breed or fight with any animal that comes his way.
There is one thing on his mind.
If you won't provide that, you're competition and must be driven out. There is no middle ground.
"He's controlling the whole herd, even Dharma (Mathura's breeding bull) backs down from him."
As I'm talking with Mathura we see Buckwheat lock horns with a cow ten times his size. Buckwheat stands on his hind legs, completely upright, then throws his head down forcefully, like swinging a hammer to drive a nail. The cow turns to defend herself, pushing him a short distance. Other cows gather to watch the conflict. Buckwheat rises to hammer her again.
"I've got to stop this, she's pregnant and about to calve.", Mathura walks through the gate to separate them while his 4 year old son Deva, shows me what he's been up to.

Mathura returns with a disgusted look, wiping his hands on the grass, " Man that guy stinks, he's all oily, you don't want to touch him any more than you have to. I used to be able to push him around but he's suddenly gotten much stronger.",Mathura continues wiping his hands and fingers on leaves he's picked up. Now HE smells like Buckwheat, I take a step back and hope he doesn't notice."It was a fight to get him into the other pasture. He's been breaking holes in the fences. Even the cows and horses haven't been able to do that. He keeps pounding one spot with his horns. If one wire breaks he can make it through the hole."
Buckwheat must be separated to prevent inbreeding. In nature, male goats are driven out from the herd by the dominant buck when they are seen as competition. As they mature they attempt to take over another herd. Only the strongest get to reproduce. This desire is so strong they will fight till their horns bleed.

The desire to breed is sometimes compared to a fever.
The body raises its temperature as a way to combat disease. Generally it is a good idea to let a fever run its course, but too much fever can be harmful.
Modern society attempts to INCREASE the fever with provocative entertainment and advertisements.
Living in the country without a television we are spared a lot of aggravation.

By Nature's way, this fever is a seasonal event.
There is a time in our life for butting heads and chasing a doe.
If it remains a perpetual urge however, one will never find comfort or direction in life.
Some people cannot believe there is a pleasure higher than this, while some rare souls are able to channel that powerful drive in pursuit of spiritual goals.
Imagine all that head butting, fence destroying energy being used for good purposes.

This was written in October,

This was written in October, a couple years ago. Country folks know that rutting season is in Fall. This time of year (April) we see lots of baby goats, or 'kids'.