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Couple's Retreat in Gita Nagari October 2-4, 2015

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The Grihastha Vision is hosting its 3rd annual Couple’s Retreat, October 2nd to 4th 2015, at the Gita Nagari farm. Married and engaged couples are encouraged to attend who would like to deepen their connection to one another and to their spiritual practices. This is a special opportunity to nurture your relationship in a lovely country setting and spiritual environment with other couples similarly focused. In a marriage, two individuals became a “we,” or create a relationship. Our marital relationship has a life of its own and needs to be cared for if it’s to thrive for the long haul and provide a stable support for each family member, the community it is part of, and for our personal sadhana (spiritual practices). Please do your relationship and yourselves a favor and join us for shared sadhana, relationship skill building, fun, and special time together. Some quotes from last year attendees: “Best thing I have done for my marriage.” “Entertaining and informative workshops.” “Helped us recommit to our sadhana.” “Great getaway.” “Learned a lot and made new friends.” You can register on our website: