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WHAT IS ONE ACTION YOU COULD TAKE THAT WOULD IMPROVE YOUR LIFE? As I contemplate my upcoming talks with the title, "Facing Death to Live More Fully Today?", I have realized that this is more of a workshop than a lecture. My talk can't just be words, but has to be an extension of my heart and how I live my life. That, and the empowerment from above/within, will give my words the power to connect to the audience. I have to speak to each person in the assembly.

What I have done in preparation is to make a list of the most important practices and actions that I have found to be essential for living a life worth living and being able to not only remain on the path of bhakti, but also continue to make advancement our whole lives--or to not be simply coasting on our past service and enthusiasm (which is so easy to do!). I also can't possibly cover all the points I have listed, so it is turning into at least two talks which I see as only a preparation for a series of workshops where the participants actually do exercises to put these points into practical action.

For today, if you are still with me, I would like to request, that you take some time, and think of one action you could do that would improve your life. Write it down, and commit to doing it! For example, if you would commit to setting an intention for your day--like to dedicate it to remembering Krishna, or serving the mood of your guru, or being more kind and understanding to your spouse or kids--and think of some practical ways to tangibly do it. And then at the end of the day, reflect on how you did in realizing this intention and just what your day was like and how you can improve tomorrow.

Life can seem to be moving at warp speed and every moment is full. Never the less, we all have to make personal time for self-reflection-introspection-evaluation--personal time if you will, even if that means hiding in the bathroom, or closet, for 20 minutes!! Writing really helps me to deeply think about important questions and answers, so I recommend you do this as well, even if you have never kept a journal. It is powerful.

For example, think of the questions, "Who am I in this life? "Who do I want to, and need to become?" "What actions are required to become that person?" What is (are) my mission(s) in life" "How do I need to change to realize my mission?" And just write your answers without judgement. Even if your life seems like you are moving on a freeway, you still have to stop for gas and refreshments to keep your energy up and get rid of what you don't need.

Be a possibility thinker, thinking of the reasons for your success, not arguing for your limitations and the reasons you will never amount to anything. Many teachers say this, and yet it is still true. Let prayer and bringing your confidential problems before the Lord be your frequent practice. I believe in you, but you have to believe in your self and what you can do...and with our intention, endeavor, and our prayer for blessings, all is possible. We can pray to become a faithful possibility thinker. "Inch by inch, anything's a cinch, but by the yard, it's hard." Break up your big goals into steps, and go for it!