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I am entering the mood of preparing for my talk a week from Friday, on the 20th. This means for me, hours of chanting, prayer, deep contemplation and writing, in order to be as prepared as possible to say what is most essential for the audience who might attend. I always keep high ideals! The presence of my listeners is a gift for me since they bring me to higher levels of being, knowing and loving in devotion. Though I am responsible for what I bring to any discussion, the audience is considered at least 50 % of the equation, as their mood affects the speaker, either expanding or contracting the possibilities.

We give who we are, so I have to prepare myself to be on the highest, most compassionate, and loving platform, to manifest vital, life-giving wisdom, practical and transcendent. Though I am always praying to be my most empowered spiritual self, speaking to others gives me more urgency to be all I can be to serve and uplift. This is beneficial for me, as well as whoever listens with an open heart. Meditating on this mood with the prayer to share is exciting, and I very rarely use that word!

I’m endeavoring and praying to be open to receive much more than ordinary materialistic, limited thinking might deem possible. Then I may reach high to be a spiritual possibility thinker, or spiritually and miraculously minded, by connecting to the higher spiritual realms, and be guided by my seen and unseen spiritual benefactors and teachers. As we shower with water to cleanse our body, I am meditating on being more deeply cleansed through the divine Light shower of the holy names, prayer, and the serving mood in bhakti, offered to our Deities, and ideally put into everything I do, with whoever I am with.
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Chanting and praying before our Deities this morning, I felt inspired beyond words. I feel the joyful responsibility of manifesting the presence of Divinity within me. Thus I am required to get my material ego out of the way so I can be an instrument of upliftment and encouragement for living life fully and becoming free from fear. Personally, this means understanding oneself as a spiritual being connected to a loving Supreme Spiritual Friend, our Source, or God—for me Krishna, and his expansions and agents. As souls, we are deathless and eternal. Death is just moving from one room to another, but the kind of room we move into depends on our consciousness and what and how we have given, and to whom.

I realize that to express my inner life is a risk and that perhaps it should be kept private, yet I am compelled to share my daily writing, so l have to think some may benefit, even at the risk that others may deride me or think me proud or deluded. Never the less, in spite of any risk, I would rather take such a risk if it could help others on their spiritual journey, then to be silent. No risk, no gain, and I have no remorse or fear in my expressions. By giving myself as far as possible, I feel blessed and strengthened. Perhaps that is one of the messages here. We all teach by who we are, what we think about, what we are striving for, and by our example.

"He who sees everything in relation to the Supreme Lord, who sees all living entities as His parts and parcels, and who sees the Supreme Lord within everything never hates anything or any being. One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What, then, can be illusion or anxiety for him?" Shri Ishopanishad mantra 6 & 7
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