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Vraja origin of Brahmas and Sivas from trees and gopis from flowers

svAyambhuvo dhurjatayaz ca sarve
prAdurbhave suSThu jaTA-ghaTAyAm
succhAyakAH sUrya-samAz ca vRkSA
AbAla-zobhAH sanakAdi-vac ca

From the branches and roots of the trees of Vraja all BrahmAs and Zivas
emanate. Although the trees of Vraja are as splendid as the sun, they still
are wonderful parasols to shade one from the sun's rays. They shine with the
luster of youth, just as the four KumAras. (VizvanAtha CakravartI ThAkura -
VrajarIticintAmaNi 2.21, trans. Kuzakratha dAsa)

praphullatAyai kusumAkaro 'yam
zrI-nArado yatra babhUva gopI
snAnaika-mAtrAd iti mohanoktiH

This lake is known as Kusuma-sarovara because of the many blossoming
flowers, destined to become gopIs in the future, that grow in its waters.
Simply by once bathing in this Kusuma-sarovara, NArada Muni attained a
gopI-form. This fact is directly confirmed in the words of the enchanting
Supreme Personality of Godhead. (VrajarIticintAmaNi 3.27, Kuzakratha dAsa)