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The Quest for Power over Things and Others

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[Originally published on November 26th, 2012 and reposted here]

Superior soul energy lives within
animating matter’s lower vibration
being naturally unfulfilled in a body
driven to search for fulfillment.

Oblivious to its real nature
looking without instead of within
trying to be somebody special
in a fool’s make-believe paradise.

Covered by illusion’s dictates
trying to be pleasured
repeating the hackneyed routine
avoiding pain by numbing.

Enthroning illusion as god
crushed repeatedly by duality
fighting for scarce resources
threatened by the jaws of death

Always inventing new distractions
avoiding one’s soul at all costs
attached to meager imperfections
death doesn’t care for our plans.

Our mind creates another dream body
working out karma, attachment, hate
binding us to others and our desires
no way off the merry-go-round.

The illusion of upward mobility
at enjoyments royal apex
lowly descent into the mud
a treadmill of different speeds.

Traveling in all directions
upside-down banyan tree reflection
endless interconnected multiverse webs
flypaper superglued relationship strands.

Each person’s a walking snare
relationships are life’s substance
either fostering further entanglements
or helping one another rise higher.

If combined with blessings from above
through a merciful devotee’s compassion
opening our eyes to a new beginning
back to the future of eternal bliss.

Discovering the long hidden truth
our soul has everything we want
in relationship to the Supreme Spirit—
ah, we are servant and never master.

The loving shelter found
a life of Divine service
nourished by watering the root
Radha-Krishna’s eternal love dance.