Sri Gauranga Janma-lila

Sri Caitanya-mangala, Adi khanda, Janma-lila, Song 1

48. During the month of Phalguna, on an auspicious day, on an auspicious tithi, on an auspicious full-moon night, at an auspicious moment, the cooling moon shone.
49. Then, with surprising power, Rahu suddenly devoured the moon. At that moment a great cry of "Hari! Hari!" rose in the four directions.
50. A sweet divine fragrance filled with four directions. Then ten directions became clear and blissful. A gentle, gentle breeze blew.
51. Then the six seasons appeared simultaneously. At that auspicious moment the Supreme Personality of Godhead was born on the earth.
52. Yearing to see Lord Gaura's form, the demigods flew their airplanes through outer space.
53. At that time "Hari! Hari!" was the only sound anyone heard. In this way my Lord took birth.
54. At the time the glory of Vaikuntha entered Saci's courtyard. Overcome with bliss, Saci called out in a voice choked with emotion.
55. To Jagannatha Misra, who was near at hand, she called: "Now our births have borne their fruit. Look at your son's face!"
56. The village ladies happily called out, "Jaya! Jaya!" Seeing the newborn infant, everyone was overcome with bliss.
57. The demigods, Vedas, and naga girls all came. Seeing Lord Gauranga, they all called out, "Jaya! Jaya!"
58. Lord Gaura's fragrance filled the worlds. His every limb was an endless flood of nectar.
59. Gazing and gazing at Him, every eye felt cooling bliss. In every heart arose the thought: "This boy must be Lord Krsna, the very life of Vraja's girls.
60. Never have I seen or heard of such a boy. What happens to my heart when I gaze at Him?
61. Never have I seen any person like Him." A beautiful demigoddess said: "Later we will know the truth of this boy."
62. Overcome, Jagannatha Misra gazed at his son's face. The universe had no power to contain the bliss he felt in his heart.
63. How many rising moons do I see in His face? I say His face is like the petal of a blooming lotus.
64. His raised nose is like a sesame flower, I think. His fair limbs are like a flood of nectar light.
65. Gazing at His red lips, splendid graceful cheeks, and graceful chin, I feel great love arise within me.
66. His neck is like a lion's neck. His shoulders are like an elephant's shoulders. His chest is broad. His arms reach to His knees. His body is made of nectar.
67. His hips are broad. His thighs are like banana trees. His feet are like two red lotus petals.
68-69. On his soles are the marks of a flag, thunderbolt, elephant goad, lotus, chariot, parasol, camara, svastika, jambu fruit, urdhva-rekha, triangle, elephant, and waterpot. No
form is like His. His form is the sweetest nectar.
70. Never had such a wonderful form come to the earth. His glory is more than the glory of the greatest kings of kings.
71. Indra and Candra, as well as many devas, gandharvas, and kinnaras all came then to the earth. Why did they become filled with such bliss and wonder?
72. Every eye became anointed with nectar. With eternal love everyone gazed at dear Lord Gaura.
73. How long did the people gaze at the newborn infant, gaze at Him as if He were a very old friend?
74. His every limb was a great flood of nectar. In their hearts what did the people feel as they gazed at Him with their eyes?
75. As they gazed at the infant boy, the people felt their hearts tremble with bliss. Why did the ladies look at Him with languid eyes? Why did their tight belts become slackened?
76-77. Everyone gazed at the newborn infant. Thinking, "How many Kamadevas does this boy conquer?", everyone called out, "Jaya! Jaya! Saci's divine son is not a mortal.
78. Saci's son is the new Kamadeva." When this nectar comes to my ears, I weep.
79. "The master of Goloka has descended to this world." Considering everything, the ladies came to this conclusion.
80. The master of all the worlds came to the earth. Overcome with bliss, Locana dasa speaks these words.