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I am greatly fortunate to work at the Kindred Spirits store where so many interesting and/or spiritually searching people come. Two days ago a Mother and her adult son came to the store. They are are practitioners of Islam who immigrated from Pakistan. They were both quite broadminded, educated and thinking people. They were a pleasure to speak with. If only everyone understood some basic spiritual philosophy rather then knee jerk reactionary religious sentiment, what a different world we would live in, but then again, this is the age of Kali or the time of quarrel and hypocrisy! The son is in graduate school working on his Ph.D in world religions. We had a fabulous conversation about the religions of the world and mystic spirituality.

Yesterday I met a very spiritually curious lady about my age--late 50's or so, who recently was baptized as a Catholic. Other churches wanted her to wait, but as she realized her days were numbered she wanted to be ceremoniously part of a Church. She is studying everything she can find about Catholicism and asks other Catholics about the meaning of various rituals and what they mean personally to them. She was surprised to learn that most of the people don't really know what they are doing, but are sort of going through the motions. Often this was the religion they were born into, and it is familiar but only superficially meaningful. Hearing this is clear demonstration of how religious people equate the form or rituals with the religion, rather then their purpose and meaning--the "why" and "what for" questions.

Of course I don't meet such quality people every day, though very often. In general I am able to share some thoughts that I think might be uplifting or that will in some way cause people to stretch beyond their ordinary thoughts to think more deeply about spirituality, the controlling force or power in the Universe, their "higher power", or simply God.

To Find a Qualified Guru, Study How to be a Good Disciple

By the mercy of a pure devotee even persons who are not even very religious can go beyond material dharma to ask higher questions about the soul. This is expressed in Vedic statement in the Brahma-sutra often quoted by Prabhupada: "athato brahma jijnasa" or now is the time to inquire about Brahman or the Absolute Truth. This inquiry is generally the fruit of religious life. Without coming to this point religious life is practically a waste--it is better than ordinary life, but still keeps one the the cycle of birth and death. Thus the pure devotees realizing how short life is point to the essence of the Vedic teachings, that we are soul, part of Krishna, and have to revive our eternal service to him.

Gratitude Amidst Reverses, and as a Spiritual Practice

For some people it is easier to be religious when times are good, and often a test when they suffer (although from another angle it is natural for many to call on God in distress, though only officially acknowledging him in happiness). Sometimes even knowledgeable devotees may blame God for their problems in their intense grief and sorrowful emotions, yet in more thoughtful moments they can remember that souls are here in the material world to try to enjoy apart from Krishna. In addition they know that their suffering is being minimized by the mercy of Krishna, and due to the purifying effect of devotional service (or activities performed in love, or in pursuit of love).

The Private Life of God

Radha and Krishna

A friend of mine who used to be a famous book distributor told me one of his stories about someone he met. He offered the person a book, and the person said,
"I don't need it".
"Why not?"
"Because in my religion we know about the personal life of God!"
"O really? What is that?"
"God sent his son to earth to deliver the people of the earth, and he died for their sins."
"That is interesting, though I still think you would find this book useful and uplifting."
"Why is that?"
"In this book the private life of God is described--in his private world of devotion and love, we read about his confidential life with his parents, friends, and secret lovers--that is even secret in his world."

A New Year and the Passing of Time!

There is saying most of us have heard: "We are born with nothing, and leave with nothing". All degrees, titles, wealth, properties, homes, material facilities and relationships must be left behind at death. For the materialist, death is a manifestation of God, the controller of life and time. For a devotee, Krishna is the life of our life, the consciousness of our consciousness, the heart of our heart! He is all sided, everything. He light, and darkness, the beginning, middle and end! He is the biggest and the smallest, and although he pervades all things, he is in our heart and is present in his eternal abode as the indestructible, inconceivable, all-merciful source of all. In a more personal, endearing and higher sense, he is our dear-most friend, well-wisher, and the love of our life!

In a Prison of Our Own Making

The illusion of freedom,
the greatest oppression
the masses enslaved by
the promise of capitalism.

BenLoka's stay at the Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple

Blogging for Blogging's sake?

I wrote Friday's blog about motivations and qualifications for approaching or worshiping Krishna to encourage those of us who are not pure devotees and may have material desires that we want to fulfill. That is most of us---it is a question of degree, experience, maturity, and especially realization. It is important to realistically access where we are on the map---so to speak---and act with this in mind. This often takes time of course and we need to know that introspection isn't quick and may come gradually as we mature in levels of understanding as we need it. It is great to want to have pure love for Krishna and be off the bodily platform, but another matter to actually be there.

What Motivations and Qualifications are Helpful in Approaching or Worshiping Krishna?

Gopinatha 3

One of our great predecessor teachers or acharyas, Shrila Bhaktivinode Thakur has also analyzed four stages of motivation for serving Krishna: 1) fear, 2) prospect(what we will get), 3 duty, and 4) love. Many religions primarily motivate people through fear and intimidation, yet from the Bhakti prospective the goal is to be motivated purely by love. In the beginning we may have a mix of these different motivations. Again we have to begin somewhere, as long as we are cultivating the understanding of the best motivation and are in the process of purification of our heart through devotional service. We pray to serve out of love, and serving out of duty is still very high compared to fear of punishment, though that may be part of our motivation in the beginning. Whatever it takes to remain the K.C.

Merry Krishnas!!!

Give the gift that keeps on giving.

In the Nectar of Devotion, Srila Prabhupada's magnificent summary study of Rupa Goswami's Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, he describes the glories of pure bhakti.

Therein it is describes six features of pure bhakti.

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