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Who is a member of ISKCON? #1 The types of membership

A confusing sign on a door in India. And if everyone is included, what does ‘membership’ mean?

Questions people ask me:

Happy Birthday CWK


Happy 18th birthday, Cooking with Kurma!

Six Vaishnava Magazines

Here’s six magazines that I read. I may have highlighted them before, but they are worthy of repetition.

(1) First up is the Back to Godhead magazine, ISKCON’s flagship, started by Srila Prabhupada in 1944 and still a rewarding read. Delivered to your door through subscription at your local Krishna centre or from I particularly like the July edition because it has our dear Queen Elizabeth visiting the new Krishna school in London.

Living in the Material World

Have planted some new winter crops. Radishes are not my favourites, but they are pretty sturdy, though the terrible Sydney weather at present is a test for all living creatures.

champion radish:

Let's see whether these will survive the onslaught of bad weather, slugs, caterpillars, snails and hungry birds. Such is the struggle for existence in this material world.

Ten Years Ago

Kurma Red Square:

I look forward to some more travelling and teaching adventures in the not-too-distant future...

My Brief Rock Career

Motley Kruema:

As lead guitarist of the cover band Motley Kruema. Blinked? You probably missed it.

Is Anybody Out There? Thin on the Ground in Blogland

Dear readers, I thank you for your patience with my scarce blogs these last few months. I have my hands full, and blogging is a luxury.

I'm thinking of re-publishing some of my favourite blog photos from my massive image archive - with a few words of commentary - to satisfy the blog deprived amongst you, starting with the one below.

Being Human


"Just stare into the eyes of a cow and you will see yourself looking at you because they are also like us - beasts that feel pain and suffering".

"To be human in a sense is to be intelligent, reflective and philosophical and to think about where we stand in the universe..." A thoughtful presentation by For

Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie

rhubarb and strawberry pie:

Here's another great recipe from one of my favourite food bloggers:

Best Doughnuts!


Doughnuts are my number-one favourite naughty food! But like all strict vegetarians, it's hard or impossible for me to find egg- and gelatine-free treats.

I do have a recipe for Italian Bomboloni in my first cookbook, but I don't often find time to make them.

Best doughnuts in the world? visit this website for a fascinating and lip-smacking read.

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