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Slugs Be Gone! Nuking with Cucs

I am sure you would agree that one of the greatest disappoinments for an organic gardener is to find crop beds decimated by critters.

My Winter Garden - Part Seven ( 'From Siberia')

Here is my up-and-coming Dwarf Siberian Kale, Brassica napus ssp. pabularia. They must feel right at home at the moment, considering the antarctic-inspired weather here in Sydney.

dwarf kale:

The Russo-Siberian Kales mostly have come out of Northern Europe and Northern Asia. Kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, and zeaxanthin. I look forward to using it in my kitchen.

Ghosts Demystified

This might seem like an odd subject for my food and travel blog. In fact, I have eclectic tastes and this article is well-written and presents a much-misunderstood subject with clarity. The founder of the website* where this link takes you has scientific credentials as well as spiritual ones.

'Vegetarian World Food' Reviews

VWF spread:

"Kurma’s vegetarian cuisine is attracting food lovers from all cultures with its exotic flavours, delicate spices, superb nutrition and positively addictive taste.

Rethinking the Church: How ‘tradition’ often impedes necessary changes

Today’s report by the BBC tells of the Church in Wales requiring a radical re-think:

My Winter Garden - Part Six

This is one of my most attractive garden beds, planted in a transportable planting bag. It's called Mesclun. The name comes from Provençal (Southern France) — mescla, "to mix"— and literally means "mixture".

my Mesclun:

Mesclun is thus a salad mix of assorted small, young salad leaves.

Step Ladder Blues

trouble with:

My Winter Garden - Part Five

A lone Snow Pea (Pisum sativum - variety 'Melting Mammoth') reaches for the clear Sydney winter sky.

snow peas reach for the sky:

Apparently this variety originates from the Near East. One of the earliest of European vegetables, it was used originally as a dried pea, then by the Romans as green peas.

Leaving a Gift to the World: Vision, Creativity, and Determination in New York City

Original artist’s vision of The Highline. Now it really does look like this.

In New York I recently experienced three projects that each began from a singularly brilliant idea, very little start-up cash, but that grew to success due to incredible vision and determination.

Letter of Appreciation

Since I've been sharing my life with the world now for over 30 years, it is inevitable that there has been an imperceptible changing of the guard, so to speak. My books, cooking classes, recipes and cookery shows that were presented throughout the eighties, nineties and the noughties are being passed on to another generation.

I often receive letters from men and women who literally grew up eating food from my cookbooks, or who used to sit with their parents watching my TV shows. Many of these people now have children of their own.

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