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Brisbane Temple Live

Brisbane Temple Live

This is the live webcam from the ISKCON Brisbane Hare Krishna temple in Australia, home of Their beautiful Lordships, Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai. The image refreshes every 30 seconds.

Temple Schedule

Australian AEST time, GMT +10

4.30 am Mangal arati and Tulsi Puja
5.00 am Group Japa
7.00 am Deity Greeting and Guru Puja
7.30 am Srimad-Bhagavatam Class
8.30 am Morning Prasadam
6.00 pm Evening Prasadam
7.00 pm Gaura arati

On Saturdays the evening program runs as follows :
5.30 pm Bhajans
6.00 pm Lecture
7.00 pm Gaura arati
7.30 pm Prasadam Feast

The Sunday Feast Program is held at Govinda's Restaurant
(99 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane)

The program runs as follows:
5.00 pm Bhajans
5.30 pm Class
6.30 pm Kirtan
7.00 pm Sunday Feast