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Can Krishna devotees be organ donors?

Our Answer:
Karma is complex and we don't know how long someone is destined to live. Ultimately, death will come no matter what we do to avert it. That being said, there is no specific prohibition to organ donation. Devotees have donated organs and blood to other devotees in need. So if a devotee's life can be prolonged by an organ donation, and you are able to assist, there is no problem.

Generally we prefer to donate our organs to devotees because otherwise there may be some karmic exchange. If we offer parts to someone who will then stay alive to do sinful things, we may share some of their bad karma for that. That's certainly possible since even wearing someone else's shoes or eating food cooked by sinful people offers us karmic reaction.

Krishna encourages charity in the Bhagavad-gita, but only to a proper recipient at a proper time and place. So to sum up, there's no objection to organ donation but organs should be donated to other devotees, or those people who will serve Krishna somehow with the assistance of a donated organ.