Community Art Gallery

We've opened a new gallery on devoted to user-submitted art.

Do you have a picture of Krishna you drew or painted? Maybe Lord Nrsimhadeva, Srimati Radharani, or Chaitanya Mahaprabhu? Share your inspiring Krishna conscious art with the thousands of people who visit every day. Submit your digitalized art at

Hints & Suggestions:

  • Your original art (or photos of art) should be submitted digitally to the email address We cannot include all pictures in the gallery, but we will let you know if your submission will be included.
  • Send us your Krishna conscious art. Submit original art in many mediums--sketches & drawings, paintings, watercolors, digital illustrations, fabric or fiber murals, and collages. Or send photos of sculpture, dolls, costumes, etc... be creative! Anything Krishna conscious will be considered.
  • Your art remains your own property. By submitting your art, you are only giving permission to display a web-resolution size image in our gallery. All art will be watermarked with ", by permission from the artist (c) ArtistName". By submitting art, you are claiming ownership of the art. If you are submitting art of another person, we must have permission from the artist. Any image with copyright issues will not be displayed in the gallery.
  • Your photo should be screen-resolution of better, but not too high quality. The picture size should be between .75 and 3 megs of data. If it larger, it is too large. Please crop and adjust your image as you want it displayed (email us for final dimensions), or let us prepare it for display.
  • You may send multiple images if you like. We will select one or more, depending on what we have room for.
  • Images displayed will need to include the following information: Title of art work, your first name, medium/material, your state/country. You can also include more information about your work and we will include more if there is available space. (Your privacy is our concern and we do not publish information that will allow web visitors to identify you, your family, or your home. Your personal safety is a priority. Should anyone wish to contact you regarding your art, we will pas along serious messages and leave it up to you to contact them. We suggest having professional/neutral email addresses for this purpose for your safety.)

To be included for our Janmashtami celebrations, please send your art images by August 23rd, 2010. You can send your images any time, and they may be added later though. Send your photos, information, or questions to