16 rounds

did 6 rounds. couldnt take it any more. found myself laughing.had to stop.

How serious are you about

How serious are you about Krishna? Why did you laugh? Because you felt silly?
As a former Buddhist I can say that laughter, feeling silly, seeing the humour in life is a wonderful gift. We should all take ourselves less seriously. Life is funny.
Is Krishna funny? I wouldnt say so, or at least no more funny than life, chanting can be real fun, but I rarely find it funny.

I hope your questions comes from a genuine place. I hope you love and worship Krishna like I do.

Personally, I could never do just 6 "rounds", I have to stop myself after 100-200 so that I can do other more trivial things. Once I start, I NEVER want to stop ;)

Love, Anr

I felt really good. It was

I felt really good. It was like I was being tickled from inside. But then I lost focus. Off to shop for bagavagita as it is and go to the beach for more rouns and meditation.

That's great. So, you haven't

That's great. So, you haven't read the bhagavada gita? How long did you chant or meditate? How long have you followed Krishna?
Have you ever taken psychedelic substances? (Sorry, I'm like a teenager meeting a movie star, sorry, hehe)

lol I read the Bagavagita as

lol I read the Bagavagita as it is years ago while with a different but open organization. Some of these people were into Sai Baba some were into Yogananda or Amachi or others. They had the Hare Krishnas cater our christmas party. the food and music and the spirit of the kc's was nice. After that any time I saw the monks singing in public I would hang out for a while and get high listening. for several months Ive had the desire out of no where to go to hang out at the temple. I saw a copy of "16 Rounds" have read several issues.Ive seen the advertisement for Krishna Lounge on thursdays and went last thursday. So today I found a used copy of The Bagavagita as it is. The science of Self Realization by Swami Prabhupada and The higher taste.
Enough about me, What about you AnrBjotk ? How long have you been involved with Krishna Consciousness?

Not much to say.(Nothing to

Not much to say.(Nothing to weep for)
I've practised Krishna Consciousness for less than a month really. Used to be a "devout" Buddhist, but always felt something was lacking there. So in many ways I have brought my training and baggage from Buddhism into Krishna Consciousness which I think is a good thing.
I am not currently affiliated with any group, but have scheduled a meeting with a Krishna Consciousness center next weekend.
I am currently reading the Bhagavad-gita very, very slowly. And loving each word.

A scheduled meeting? didnt

A scheduled meeting? didnt know we need to make appointments. :)

Hehe. Well, I'm showing up

Hehe. Well, I'm showing up for the usual sunday lunch, but also arranged to talk more in depth with people at the center :)

BTW: How do I add members as friends? This forum has a very unusual set-up...I can't view members profiles or even click on peoples profiles...

members as friends

Hare KrushNa

If you click on a user/member name on their posts, you get their profile page, which has a link on the left - add as friend. If we are logged in, the pull down submenu under "Community" ---> Connect shows three items : Forums, Blogs, Profiles. Clicking on "Profiles" gives a list of users in the order - last logged-in first.


I have no idea. I was

I have no idea. I was wondering that myself. I think this is a work in progress.

D'you know of any other more

D'you know of any other more active Krishna forums? I've found a few, but they're very empty...

nothing worthy to mention.

nothing worthy to mention. one with a diseptive name but its some guy with a beef about iskcon.