Advaita Vedanta

I am very angry and confused about this debate. i am also very tired of this stuff and wish for a final authoritative conclusion on this fight.

I am going to be very frank with you and that is the dvaita and the bahkti yoga side are looking more and more like wish fulfillment and indulgence. This hurts me deeply because i want the truth to be that Lord krishna has a personal form and i want to dance happily in Goloka one day! however wanting and desires are less important than the truth.

look at this from ramana mahrishi( one of the most respected self realized beings)

"He said: “This is clear Advaita, but these Vaishnavites would give it some interpretation to make it accord with their feeling of duality.They hold that they must exist and God must exist, but how is that possible? It seems that they must all remain for ever doing service in Vaikunta, but how many of them are to do service and where would there be room for all these Vaishnavites?”

Bhagavan said this laughing, and then, after a pause, he added, “On the other hand, Advaita does not mean that a man must always sit in samadhi and never engage in action. Many things are necessary to keep up the life of the body, and action can never be avoided. Nor is bhakti ruled out in Advaita.

Shankara is rightly regarded as the foremost exponent of Advaita, and yet look at the number of shrines he visited (action), and the devotional songs he wrote.”

and read this from vijay kumar who has also realized self through jnana yoga not bhakti

"The prime reason why Shri Madhvacharya the advocate of Dvaita failed to gain enlightenment within his lifetime! Similar was the fate of Ramanuja the proponent of Vishisthadvaita. It is the path of Advaita Vedanta that shall gain one enlightenment and finally salvation within this life. Those who dispute this fact may proceed on the path of spiritual enlightenment... in their journey ahead they shall themselves realize their folly.

It is only the teachings of Vedanta... the sacred Bhagavad Gita... the non duality of Brahman Almighty God that paves way for reaching stage of enlightenment and finally salvation within this life. The truth cannot be belied for the simple fact that indulgence in Dvaita or Vishisthadvaita form of Vedanta lead nowhere. Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed all gained enlightenment and finally salvation in their lifetime"

and here are more

"Simply worshiping Krishna, simply worshiping Lord Krishna either as a child prodigy or one who administers the sayings of Bhagavad-Gita does not yield anything! The gist of Bhagavad-Gita... the sayings of Lord Krishna can only be fathomed by traveling the path of jnana yoga... the path of absolute wisdom!"

and this

Ramakrishna has also realized it through jnana yoga and both these masters authority can't be dismissed so easily. Also vijay has stated that in the last 150 years other than these two no one else has realized self. he says eventually those in bhati will switch over to jnana and realize their error.

they say that bhakti is easy and the mind is not always capable of jnana in the intital stages but the truth will eventually dawn?

jnana back up their philosophy with mastres who have realized. in bhakti we only see talk and more talk about scriptures.

I am not sure about the whole brhamajyoti stuff as these souls all said god almighty is defined as the cluster of all purified souls in the cosmos. so where is this brahamjyoti?

They also say that path of religion and rituals is simply to assist humans in material world but pure spirituality must be traveled through janna and celibacy. they say that myths can never be taken literally and there was no such person as lord shive ever on this earth?

i ma very irriated by all this. yet i can't deny when one side actually seems more true and is backing it up. i am a person who hates multiple interpretations.

i want a authority for god sakes! i just wish lord Krishna would descend and end this confusion once for all! I can't just believe refernces because they have all refrenced gita, purnas, vedas etc. they al say direct interpertation is incorrect and that you must read between the lines?

what? why did Lord Krishna not just come down and clarify this!!!!!