Applying Srimad Bhagavad Gita's techniques in the real world

Hare Krsna all,

I have recently started reading Lord Krishna's Bhagavad Gita on a regular basis. When I'm reading, I seem perfectly controlled and understand (to the best of my ability) all that I can do to improve my life and become more conscious regarding Lord Krishna. However, few hours later, my mind once again starts to behave the way it did before and do "wrong" things. By wrong activities, I mean doing things for sense gratification rather than doing all work for Lord Krishna such as watching TV etc. And I've been trying very hard lately with little to no success. I don't know what to do as in the modern world, we are surrounded by Maya all over the place and others also encourage us to seek enjoyment in these material activities. I've asked Lord Krishna to help me and I also seek your help for controlling my mind and how to do things only for Lord Krishna.

Thank You.
A devotee in need.


Dear Devotee
Hare Krsna

Nowdays with the Internet you can have so much association of devotees online.

Whether we live with devotees or not, we always have a CHOICE to be in maya or to be Krsna conscious. So if you start practicing making that choice every minute of the day, you will get better at it.

Akrura dasa

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Try to associate with devotees as much as you can and pray to the Lord for help.

Hari Hari
ys Jan