BG Chap 15 - The form of the tree and to get out of it

The real form of the tree, its termination, its origin, and its foundation, cannot be perceived in this world. The form of the tree with roots upward and branches downward is not perceived. This is because of the great variety of opinions such as ‘The world is real. The world is false. The world is eternal’. Its destruction is not perceived as it is not understood how to destroy the network of desires. Its origin is also not perceived: from what and for what reason it has appeared in this manner is not understood. Its shelter is not perceived: of what does it take shelter to remain standing.

Since the root is upwards, the extension of the real tree is at the other end. When entangled with the material expansions of the tree, one cannot see how far the tree extends, nor can one see the beginning of this tree. Yet one has to find out the cause. Since this tree is not understood and is the cause of useless vows and actions, one should cut it down with the strong axe of detachment, sharpened by repeated discrimination, i.e. knowledge of things as they are gained from the association of devotees. Separating the tree from oneself, one should seek out the base, the padam, which is situated above the root, which is above everything else. One should perform sādhana such as hearing, to seek out the base, where there is a great treasure hidden. Having attained it, people do not leave it. The method of searching is to surrender to the original person from who the universe has appeared, and who is the cause of all.