BG Chap 16 - The way to avoid demonic nature

If one avoids the three things that lead to hell – lust, anger and greed – then one can avoid the demoniac nature. These three qualities are so vicious that even one possessing a divine nature should fear them. For a man, a woman personifies kāma, lust, because she is able to gratify all his sense desires. When kāma is unsatisfied, krodha, anger, is born. Anger is very difficult to control. Krodha appears not only when our desires are checked, but even if we are able to satisfy our desires without hindrance, we still do not become peaceful because we are filled with lobha, greed. Greed gives birth to moha, illusion, and loss of discrimination. Next comes mada, the intoxication of pride. The mixture of these five, envy, matsara, is able to manifest fully. Thus all these demoniac qualities are rooted in lust.