BG Chap 18 - Achieiving perfection by renunciation of action

He whose intelligence is unattached, whose mind is under control, and who is devoid of desire for material happiness, attains the highest perfection by complete renunciation of action. The aspirant for liberation, the ārurukṣa, fixed in doing his duties, after having realized his svarūpa by being fixed in karma which contains jñana within it, should then completely give up that level of karma. Since all work is covered with fault, the person on the first level of sannyāsa rejects the faulty aspects of work – the mentality of being the doer and the expectation of profit. By perfecting his sādhana in due course of time, he gives up work itself. His intelligence is unattached to all things except ātmā, because his mind is under control from tasting the bliss of ātmā. He attains the highest perfection of yogārūḍha, characterized by inactivity of the senses, thru completely renouncing all prescribed duties, which are causes of disturbance in tasting of ātmā.