can someone decode the krishna dream for me please

Hi ,

About me , i never trust god, i am 30 years old and never visited krishna temple nor taught of him or prayed for anything .

Yesterday got an strange dream let me narrate it
It was an beautiful face , infact so beautifull that i have never seen anythin such beautiful in my whole life .
I was able to see only the face of krishna popping up and his whole body was submergerd in sand/land...he had an beautifull curl hairs swining all over .

I was just before him , went near ...he had an very beautifull blue eyes . ..i went near to him and his beautifull eyes made me to hypnotize me and i can feel my whole body went inside his other eyes ...Please note krishna had only one eye the other eye was an hole ..i mean i can feel while entering to the empty eye hole as if i am entering into space.

it was an beautifull experience felt like very spirtual and obtained the highest degree of my life form .

then i attend the spirtual very good feeling of my life ..after sometime i was out and i saw i had an gun in my hand and 2 people standing before krishna and me ..i shot them ..then i woke up

what does this mean please explain ?

Lesson 1: Sri Krsna is the

Lesson 1: Sri Krsna is the most beautiful.
Lesson 2: He's beyond the universe, the universe is within Him. There're incidents in sastras of His devotees merging into His body, like Markandeya Rsi (SB 12.9), or Mother Yasoda seeing the universe in His mouth (SB 10.7). A similar merging experience:
Lesson 3: Shooting could represent your desire to get to Him at any cost and a suppressed aggression. However, He doesn't condone non-dharmic killing. We can approach Him by service, prayer and meditation.

Hope this helps.
Hari Hari
ys Jan

thanks for your prediction

Hi hari ..

Thanks for your predictions ...very satisying to listen

However i am not sure why i am born like this ..i never respect god nor vist any temple (i feel i am greater than god)..i have an very bad attitude ..regardless of me trying to change i need to surrender to god..very next minute my inner soul or my attitude stops me from beign devotee


These're no predictions, just

These're no predictions, just my conclusions.
I can't tell you _with a guarantee_ why you had this dream. It could be due to an unrecognized desire, meeting a devotee, like that. You were supposed to learn something, e.g. that you're not God. That's pretty good for a start, really.
What stops you from being a devotee is your material conditioning (mind, intelligence, ahankara). That refers to every matter-conditioned being anywhere.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

thanks for your reply


Firstly need to clarify with my attitude/ahankar...i am very honest person, very smiling person..friendly ..never chaeated
anyone , humble person etc...etc...whatso ever i am very sentimental ..i can hurt myself but not others ..

the only problem i am having with god ..i tried to find myself why for this 30 years ..but still no answer
If my mistake my wife /mom keeps any photo of god in my room head spins and the 2nd day i break it off with full anger..

Infact i am very lucky person in terms of money /family/wife/kid /frinds all aspects of life i am very happy with my life issues forwhatso ever ..hope you understand there is no such personal revenge with god for me to crib on .

i understand no one can predict what's we see in dream..bcoz its baseless...the only dreams made me to think of spirtual is 2 days ago when krishna came into my dream .

bUT STILL..i get the irrate feeling as soon as i see god or feel very ashamed if i ask or share my problem with god.

I can share my problems with friends/wife/parents for that matter any stranger whom i meet freshly
But as soon as i see any god i get very much irritated..and my BP goes high ..not sure why ?

i tried to visit temple with great strength ..but as soon as i enter the enterance heart and mind fills with ahankar/attidute ..and i stay outside fighting with my family members ..and let them have darshan ..and me wait outside

Sorry if i am disturbing you people ..but i need to share with someone ..else i cant no what my problem exactly is ..


Gopi_jaya, this is rather

Gopi_jaya, this is rather unusual for an India-born person. Does your resentment refer to any deva or just specific one/s?
I'd recommend things like regression and mantic methods, which can find out possible spirituality-related traumas in past lives, attached ghosts or magic/curses. These're common causes of such reactions.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

I feel this way

Hi Hari ,

I feel this way for all the god ..
from 2 days i am reading the seriers of story ..which you refered to Markandeya Rsi (SB 12.9)...
honestly i am feeling better in reading the stories and getting the knoweldge of what actual spirtuality is ..MY mind and heart vibrates when i read the greatness of god ..
Thanks for sharing the links


Sounds like an improvement to

Sounds like an improvement to me. 8)
Reading Srimad Bhagavatam is very powerful.

All the best. Hari Hari
ys Jan