Dream about Krishna.

I was always an atheist. But I am now starting to think differently, and that maybe there is some other existence out there.

Recently (two years ago) I developed this illness. It's not life threatening but it's a major one and most possibly lifelong. I am taking meds and the symptoms have thankfully not returned since then and I'm in remission. But my doctor thinks the symptoms will return and we will have to treat them when they do.

I am 26 years old and at an age where my parents want me to get married. I went against the idea for a long time because of my illness. I felt that no one would accept me with this illness and I don't want to burden anyone with it.

But about two weeks ago I had this dream. In this dream, my mother wanted to introduce me to someone. I went to see him, he happened to be very rich, and was dressed just like an Indian prince with all these jewels, etc. And he was very dark. But he had only one arm. I told him about my illness and he said it didn't bother him. I recognized him. He was Krishna. Then I went to see another guy, this time he was dressed ordinarily and was dark. But I recognized him again, He was Krishna. Then I heard the Hare Krishna mantra being played out and I don't know what happened after that. I don't know what to make of this dream. Should I pay attention to it?

I recently said yes I do want to get married and have asked my parents to find someone for me, but I will definitely tell him about my illness when the time is right. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. But I guess everyone deserves a right to be happy, right? I just don't want to be alone for the rest of my life.

my vision

I had a vision when i was mediating, i was in a dark apartment and i saw Lord Krishna he wasn't looking at me but looking strate so that i could see his prof-ale he had on golden armor that lit up the room with a golden light I went down on my knees and started to chant hare Krishna and my voice was two women voices at once harmonizing (i am a male by the way) the voices were so beautiful then i felt a hand trying to pull me up off my knees I thought it was Lord Krishna but when i looked up it was Swami Prabhupada he guided me over to a corner of the room were there was pillows all on the floor and entered the room was Gandhi he sat down preeparing himself to meditate i was talking to him he was full of laughs and big smiles i asked him a question that i cant remember but he laughed and said i am over 120 years old when i turned my head and closed my eyes i saw ii was moving through stars. When i came out of meditation i was so happy and content what do you think ti means.

One Arm Only

Hare Krishna Sanskruti.

It surprised me to read about your dream, when you mentioned that He had only one arm. Becuase yesterday I had a dream in which "I saw that there was a person that had been attacked with a sword that cut one of his or her arms so this person was left with one arm only."


Well, in the present time I am not in the position to give suggestions to anybody, however I will display a comment regarding Marriage Intentions.

Long time ago, I read a book that was written from some disciples of Prabhupada. The book title is "According to Religious Principles." You may inquire about this book in this web site, I believe.

And this book mentions that the people that gets married in Krishna Consciousness, through some Fire Ceremony, then must follow the next regulations:

1) Only Man with Woman can get married. There is no place for Woman with Woman getting married Nor Man with Man getting married.
2) Before the Married Couple can have intimate relationships both of them must request the authorization of their spiritual master.
3) When authorization is received, then the Married Couple will have intimate relationships only with the purpose of begetting one baby.
4) Therefore, each person of this Married Couple will have to Chant 50 (Fifty) Rounds of Maha-Mantra on that Day before having the Intimate Relationships.
5) The Intimate Relationships can take place only during certain hours after midnight and before the dawn that are auspiciouss for begetting a baby.
6) Therefore, it is Not allowed the use of any kind of anticonception methods by this Married Couple.
7) After the woman gets pregnant then this Married Couple will Not have more Intimate Relationships until some time after the baby has been borned.
8) When the Man reaches 50 years of age then this Man must retire from his Married Condition leaving his Wife behind and this Man will have to prepare himself for the Time of his own Death (and so the Wife must also prepare herself for the Time of her own Death) by taking shelter exclusively in Krishna's Lotus Feet and doing devotional service without the attachment to Married Lifestyle. Thus when the moment of Death arrives these two people that were married like Man and Woman will be free from attachment and ready for their journey into the Higher Planets as eternal living entities when the Death of their material bodies arrives.

There was an Age when all the babies were borning wiselike, Satya-Yuga.
In our present days within Kali-Yuga, it is a dream to believe that even Married Couples in Krishna Consciousness will be able to carry out the listed principles "100%" and yet, sometimes, dreams do come true, for those about to dream.

I hope that you can make spiritual progress and I hope the same for myself during these days of Fallen Willpower.

Hare Krishna.

My understanding is that we

My understanding is that we should always remember that Krsna is our real partner and if we marry we should treat our partner as His devotee.
Also, the prospective partner should know about our health asap.

Hari Hari
ys Jan