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Fasting information

Hare Krishna

As i don't attend a temple, i get a Vaisnava calendar reminder every morning on my laptop, but i don't always understand the fasting information, is there a place i can get a detailed calendar with decent instruction of fasting as i would like to do this.

thank you

Thank you both for your

Thank you both for your information, im a little clearer, i tried to fast till noon as it said this morning, but i start my job at 6am, and i walk all day in my job, and i was so hungry i ate at 10am, i also drank before that, i dont know if with my job that i could go 24hours without food, is this an essential part of KC, i want to do asmuch as i can, but i have to be realistic also with my body.

Fasting on proper days is

Fasting on proper days is quite essential in GV tradition but it shouldn't impede one's service, esp. preaching. Srila Bhaktisiddhanta told his preacher that he should eat and go to preach. (MW July 5 1975 Chicago)
Look at the term anukalpa in the linked article.

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what part do you find

what part do you find difficult to understand?

well its the way its worded

well its the way its worded really, it says Break Fast tomorrow 5.31 till 9.46, now maybe im reading to much but there is a clear gap between Break and Fast so i wonder if they are two seperate words and what they mean, also when it says feast tomorrow, what does it mean, eat lots, sorry if i sound naive but im trying one step at a time to do things correctly.
Also finally if it says fast till noon, does that include drinking

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well with fasting there is a

well with fasting there is a time that were are supposed to break, or finish the fast. That is usually done during breakfast. I am not sure if during Srila Prabhupada presence if they paid close attention to the breakfast times, so I am not sure of its importance. Basically if someone is fasting for ekadasi they should break that fast by taking grains the next day during the morning.

When there is a special appearance day, such as Vamana's appearance day, we fast, but when there is an ekadasi (the day of fasting) the day before, such as Vamana's appearance we follow the fast the day before on the ekadasi

Then today for Vamana's appearance day we cooked an elaborate breakfast, offered it to the Lord and ate.


Breaking fast means just what it says. You eat grains within the given time range. More on Ekadasi and fasting:

Feast means 'big meal' in English, like a wedding feast. If you come to a Vaisnava temple on a feast day, there will be more prasadam than on other days.

One shouldn't drink on half-day fasts. It helps to drink more on the previous day before going to sleep.

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