God's Mercy

The storms of life may come against us, but God is with us, through thick and thin. This week, I have been listening to the Gayatri Mantra. I was at a Christian prayer meeting last night and as the lady prayed, I secretly chanted the Gayatri and it kind of fit in.

My life is filled with both happiness and pain. My daughter has come back to me after 8 years and on Mother's Day, I cried during Church. Also, we keep getting struck with sickness. In any case, I can feel Krishna and his strength. I truly believe that he carries what we lack and preserves what we have.

All of this week-of sinus problems and my son having pink eye and my daughter being back in my life, Krishna keeps showing up--in the concern of other people, in the midst of my weaknesses, when I have to drive in dangerous places (I can't drive-talk about women and shudras-I'm both, LOL!), I know that Krishna is there to help me.

To me the Gayatri is like an older form of the Lord's Prayer. Right now, it is my faith in Krishna that is the only thing keeping me going. I mean-there is Christ, but Krishna seems larger-like the entirety of God.


Yep, just keep going.

There is a one, absolute solution to any problem- Krishna. And I'm glad, that you found it. No matter what happens, you can always cling in to His lap. Hare Krishna *smile*.


-I get a lot of persecution where I work due to a disability and the Gita and Gayatri seem to stave it off-I am not sure how. Many times, Christianity does work, but for whatever reason the Gita and Gayatri seem to be a superior form of the "Armor of God" and it seems to keep me alive and awake enough to deal with my workplace and the hostilities therein.