His Lessons

My humble obesiances to the Das's and Sri's.

Hare Krishna

First let me say that this week is much better than two weeks ago. One Das got to deal with my stupidity and I apologize for that.

Krishna is teaching me a whole lot. He is placing me on the correct path. As he does, he neatens things out and he makes things better. As it is said: "I will carry what you lack and preserve what you have." The Faith is helping me so much. As I come into my own, there are residual questions. I won't get into them here. You know at times, we want the Nectar of Krishna's wisdom and it isn't time yet. I have been listening to "Reality Check" on the Krishna.com website here and it helps me by leaps and bounds. I spend 120.00 every six weeks and for FREE I got better advice from the audio here than the advice or wisdom given to me in my own therapy sessions.

I just wanted to share that. My experiences with Krishna are less dramatic than other people's. The situation tends to drag itself out and then somehow Krishna:

1. He will show what the illusion is-directly.

2.-He then shows me directly how my illusion affects other people--what type of karma or consequence it gives out.

3-He then tells me to wait.

4. Then--a duality shows up.

Then, I read something like this:A Course In Miracles says “every moment we are choosing between the resurrection and the crucifixion.” To me, this means that every thought can be life affirming or life denying, loving or fearful, real or illusory. Are we giving power to illusions and trying to make them real, or are we embracing our Divinity? In the Bible, the "knowledge of good and evil" refers to the belief in duality. This knowledge of good and evil brings with it a burden, as stated in Genesis. But isn't knowledge better than blissful ignorance? Yes, but we must go from knowledge to transcendence. Knowledge includes being aware of just how deeply we bought into the belief in good and evil. Once we see every crack and crevice of the darkness inherent in this belief, the light of awareness dispels the illusion of duality and we remember that all is Spirit.

The real question here is about being guided by one's own God Presence to help in the best possible way. My soul often attracts other souls either to help me or be helped. I do not need to go out of my way seeking to help others, nor should I be worried about rejecting a plea of help. Love is spontaneous and natural and if I'm listening to WHO I AM, I will respond appropriately. Sometimes it may look like active intervention; sometimes like nothing at all. Spirit knows what it's doing, my ego does not. Our egos do not know all of the ramifications of any assistance we offer. Maybe that spare change we gave to the man on the street went for alcohol. Then this drunk man stole a car and mowed over a dozen people. Or maybe that smile we gave prevented the suicide of someone who later became a major figure for change in the world. All of us affect the world more than we can imagine.

Ill be right back.


Anyway, I am leaning a lot. Have a good week.