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i didnt realize i had to be someones friend in order to know about god how do i go about this

hello hope your all doing well still interested in learning about krishna so sorry to bother you
guys know your busy as well i tried to ask deveotees questions but seems some of them have
no needs to show me i would like to show you a email i recieved from a devotee in facebook
he seemed to be bothered that i contacted him how did i get in contact with him as well i
didnt know i had to be his friend in order to ask questions he also said i should go to my devotee
friend and ask him thank you the devotees name was Visuddha-sattva das .......................................................................................HERES THE RESPONSE

I don't know who you are and how you come in contact with me here, and/or where you are living and under wich temple are you serving Prabhupada's mission. Neither I know if you are in contact with some Ikscon guru or devotee in our society. So, I can't help you without knowing this matters.
Please remit to your nearest temple or devotee friend to expose your problematic there. I am sorry. I don't have the habitue to instruct people in Krishna Conciouness that I don't really know. Hare Krishna.
Please chant the Holy Name in a favorable mood and all your troubles, bad feelings and angry thoughts, they will disipate gradually. In the spiritual life sincerity is necessary. Also patiente, perserverance, enthusiasm and humiity, approching Vaisnavas in a proper humble mood of surrendered. See Gita-sloka (4.34).
I am not american and I do not like the american way & freely style of life: Srila PRabhupada, our Founder-Acharya instructed that we are not this bodies and we should behave in the spiritual plattform. Vedic life is very different of the american and/or european life style. Vaisnava behaviour means to be humble (no arrogant), simple, meak, tolerant, and giving respect(SOMETHING HE LACKS) to other without false ego and demanding any respect for ourserves. That's require training, Krishna conciousness tranining. So, that its why I recommend you to go to the nearest of our temples in your place. I am living in Venezuela, altough I pass many time in India. Hare Krishna !

how do devotees expect people to learn if they dont ask or to have him say he wont instruct people on krishna consciousness that he doesnt know then if thats so why do devotees go into the streets and airports and expose it im very confused with this man much love and respect to you and all the FROM ANTHONY HERRERA XTORCHESOFNEROX@GMAIL.COM 209 9812928 northern california

Just my thoughts ...

Hi .. I'm going to hop in here a second with my thoughts and hope y'all don't mind. First off, I would imagine that Facebook or any other similar platform is hardly the way to get your questions answered. As the responder replied, you perhaps should go to a local temple for instruction. The responder was truthful in saying he is not able to instruct you; there are certain 'rules and regulations' about that. If you read the Gita and other books, you will learn a lot. But to have general questions answered, you can go to a temple and meeting devotees; I find they are very friendly and open. Your responder also pleads that you chant and gives you directon in this regard ... were you listening?

It also seems that you may have taken the reply personally although I serious doubt it was intended as a personal insult to you. A devotee's lifestyle and life priorities are entirely different from the 'average Joe Q'. I think (my interpretation) that that is all that the responder meant. As the responder mentions, we are not these bodies. This is a basic understanding and building block of things to come. Once you REALLY grasp onto this concept, you will begin to see things in an entirely new light.

You say that you are very determined to learn about Krishna ... then (as Nike would say) "Just do it" ... that requires reading the books, going to Temple, meeting devotees, etc., for starters. Everything will begin to fall into place if you are sincere and patient. It does not happen overnight. Your Facebook responder cannot motivate you; I cannot motivate you; and nobody else can motivate you .. only you can motivate you.

I don't know if this helps or if you are just going to get P'offed again. I do hope that you will re-read the Facebook response you received and see the message there ... he is actually giving you encouragement! Hari bol!

dark side of online communication

As the internet (and esp. social networks like FB) becomes a worldwide phenomenon, there're problems everyone, devotees included, must be aware of - spamming, phishing, malware, cheaters, etc.
FB dilluted the term 'friend' a lot. Can people one never met turn to one's friends just by pushing a button? No way.

I don't know what you wrote to this devotee but his approach isn't unfounded - BG 18.67 warns against teaching unqualifed persons. Otoh, the mood of Sri Caitanya was more open and He talked even with philosophical opponents and gave them His mercy. So one can see both approaches and shouldn't criticize them. It doesn't help anyone.

If you have questions, please peruse this site and most of them should be answered. Use the search box in the upper right corner to look up keywords. FAQs:

If you still can't find the answer, write to the forum and someone will try to answer.

Hari Hari
ys Jan


Hello. I am answering this in a very basic and meek manner. I hope that this is okay.

I would say that some people have limitations and sometimes, people cannot go farther than a certain level spiritually or psychologically. Perhaps the individual who answered your letter is anxious and cannot understand western culture. Each person has their own different limitations with regard to culture and perspective. I grew up in a multi ethnic environment and I have seen these limitations-with Hindus, with Muslims and with Southern Baptist WASP/Republicans-pretty much everybody.

With limitations, relating can be difficult. I have a sister, for example, who is gifted and is almost a genius. She works at a university as an administrative assistant. She is a great person and a great mother. However, we don't always connect. She is basically introverted and she used to have a problem with certain addictions. So, she is limited in her responses to me. She was so bewildered by her addiction that it takes all she has to go to NA and she struggles for self control. She's married and is doing well, but she just can't give much energy to others. I have learned to accept this. I love her anyway. It took me many years to understand her limitations. Thus, with this individual who answered you and appeared insensitive, he may just not have the ability to relate to westerners.

I know that Krishna says that he can augment what we have and carry what we lack. I do believe this to an extent. As Robin's "Higher Power" Krishna must in some way, carry what she otherwise wouldn't be able to do without him, which is to be married and be a mom. But, we still work through the three modes and we still have the "field." As knowers of the field, we must recognize not only our limitations but the limitations of others.

The internet lends itself to a type of uncomfortable immediate intimacy. Things take time to grow-plants, children--animals. Thus with relationships as well, it is so.

We westerners are not good with patience. I myself want to be "reformed" all at once. This isn't going to happen. However, I know that I as a westerner am just as valuable as anyone else. I know that there are certain areas in which my culture has blinded me (meat eating, promiscuity and materialism) but it doesn't mean that I myself am bad. I am glad that I have my own "ism" and karmic make up because it means that Krishna can really help me to see beyond the maya of the world. Don't give up on yourself. Realize that there are different things in Krishna consciousness that help different types of people. For example, I wouldn't do well with prayer beads, but singing the Gayatri mantra works wonders. The Upinshads make a ton of sense to me but the Vedas don't. I dont' worry about it. I keep praying; I keep listening to the Gita; I keep on, albeit that I don't have any support where I am.

I know and understand that there are some people who cannot deal with the western way. The other day, I, a married householder stupidly just said "Namaste" to a male Indian where I work. I was a bit high that day on my religiousness but I was blind to the cultural norm that married women don't speak to single men (unless it is work related)-like you know "DUH!" So, I just keep going and if I make a mistake, I learn from it.

If this is wrong, please do not attack me those who are in charge. Attacking people can induce trauma, so please just correct me softly.

Thank you,
Hare Krishna