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I don't know what and how to answer when non-vegetarians question why I am practising vegetarianism

I am a vegetarian for almost a year plus. However, my other family members are not vegetarians. At home, I am having a tough time in eating. My mom has to cook separately for me and so on.

My main problem is I don't really know how to explain why I am a vegetarian. I could only say that I don't eat meat because killing animals in order to satisfy our needs for eating is a big sin and I don't want to become a sinner. They ask me again why I am eating plants as eating plants is also considered as killing lives. When it comes to this point, I am left blank. I couldn't answer them.

I think, as a vegetarian, I must be able to explain why vegetarianism is the best and why eating plant-based foodstuff isn't a sin.

Please tell me about how I should explain them.

Thank you.

Meat will cause cancer.

Meat will cause cancer. Burnt meat will cause cancer. Then again any burnt food will cause cancer but roasted meat will put you down.

Tell them you love all creatures.

1. Factory farming, you are most likely eating old sick cows. Farmers don't care about you!
2. Meat is the #1 factor in global warming and deforestation.
3. Meat will decompose in your intestines way before its digested.
Dogs eliminate meat much faster then humans.

4. Its DEAD!
5. Heart surgery will cost you $150,000 when you do go down for clogged pipes.

I don't even drink milk, these fats can put you down.

I had a business lunch at a steak house and I was gasping for air ( I ATE FRENCH FRIES)
It was like I was eating at a crematorium. Every one was sickly fat.
I was shocked to see parents feeding their 1 year old dead cows.

Sri Isopanisad explains that

Sri Isopanisad explains that we should only take that which is necessary knowing well to whom everything belongs. By offering the vegetable to God one is freed from the sin of taking, plus there is no real pain and violence that is caused by eating vegetables. We are not just vegetarians, we are prasadatarians.