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Im new and have concerns

I have nothing but good things to say about Devotees and monks so far. But I have googled. Most things are far in the past and I think ISKCON has changed.Other things I think youll find the same problems in other organizations. However the one item Im concerned about is an article I read in New Orleans about Food For Life. Food For Life was asking for donations and telling people the money was going to homeless shelters. These shelters however, when asked knew nothing about any collaberation with Food For Life. And no one knows where the money went. I dont claim to have the full story . Just seems to me that ISKCON is to big and established to need to pull such shenannigans. If anyone has further details of this story or can show me where the money donated to Food For Life go's I would appreciate it. I have no need to be conned. done that through christian churches all ready. I respectfully await your replies


Srila Prabhupada said that a pure devotee is a perfect gentleman. This unfortunate phenomena of devotees collecting for themselves instead of for the FFL was criticized in the past and years ago the FFL director Priyavrata Prabhu (Paul Turner) issued a strict request to stop it. You can ask him for details. I didn't check but there may be also a GBC resolution to this end.
I'm in favor of transparency which is greatly enabled by transparent bank accounts.

Hari Hari
ys Jan


Thank you. Hare Krishna

Srila Prabhupada letters

Srila Prabhupada letters 1974
"But not a single farthing of that money should be used for any other thing. It should all go to our ISKCON food-relief fund, nothing else."

"You can make ISKCON FOOD RELIEF cards. But the money collected using this card must be sent to India where we are actually feeding people. If we simply speak nicely to a person and try sincerely to get him to take the book he'll take it. Why should we adopt unfair means? We should not do anything which will create a bad impression or make us unpopular. People are after these books, they are hankering for them. We don't need to take cheating method."

"Money collected for feeding people in India should be collected under the name ISKCON Food Relief. Not any other name. And every farthing of that money must be sent to India, or better yet, buy food grains there and ship them here and we will distribute. But every farthing collected for that purpose must be used for that purpose. I have already sent one letter to Ramesvara explaining these points."