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I've been seeing my dead best friend in my dreams..?

Hey well, my best friend died a few days ago, and i was devastated, cause he had a lot of diseases and he was in pain and he killed himself... and yeah. so 2 nights ago i had a dream, where it was all bright and shiny and my friend was in front of me and he hugged me and cried and said "Get me out of here, it's endless torture" And i go "Why? You thought you'd be happier when being dead' And says "But it's not.. it's pain... it's, nothing." and i asked him if he went to heaven, or if he went to hell, or if he went anywhere and he said it didn't exist and niether did ghosts but he was, well... just nothingness, and so i say "Then how are you visiting my dreams??" And he said that he could talk to people but he couldn't do anything else, and he told me that he couldn't feel or hear or see or talk or move and it was just like being paralyzed except well, you couldn't do anything. it's like you were floating and all your senses were gone... and then he sorta faded away into mist and i was just like, wtf? What is this supposed to mean... O_O

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While general, confused dreams are of little meaning, the clear ones with specific persons or objects can give us clues. This is dealt with in dreamsbooks. One of the best is the ancient one by Artemidoros.

In this case your friend suffers a very bad karma. He wanted to get rid of his body so now he feels like paralyzed. To me that's a pretty logical reaction to what he did.

As per Gita Mahatmya of Padma Purana it's enough to read one chapter, esp. 3rd, 7th and 8th (in Sanskrit), and offer the result to the departed person in one's mind. When I did it for my father, I prayed (before and after reading) to Yamaraja and Paramatma to deliver the result to him. He never appeared in my dream after so I take it that he left successfully.

For more info on afterlife see

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in general dreams are not to

in general dreams are not to be taken very seriously