Just how do i do this....

... i think i mentioned previously that im married to a woman who attends a catholic church but despises the idea of KC. i try and chant everyday (although i miss days), i try a read a bit, listen to podcasts, and watch mayapur.tv to see what goes on, but i do this in private when i get a minute, sometimes when i know i should be sleeping, i stay up to do this.

Its getting so difficult, my wife was in India on business last week, so i put up a poster of krishna and radhe on my wall and left it there when she returned, it went within a hour of her coming back, she said she couldnt relax with it there, i was watching the George Harrison film, and as soon as the section with the krishna devotees came on i could see her discomfort and i could tell she wanted to turn it off.
Anything i want to do i feel i have a big wall in front of me called my wife, i cant talk about it at all,

Now i always read about divorce being a no-no, but how am i suppose to make any progression under such pressure, it makes me weak in my devotion, i want freedom to be within krishnas family, but she wont let me, if i leave her will Krishna and the devotees accept me.

After all the years i was alone in this material world, krishna waits until i have all these attachments before i find him.

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Without knowing any

Without knowing any specifics, as a general rule I'd suggest both of you sitting and talking about your common life as adults. Try establishing some rules like not encroaching on each other's life, not trying to control each other, etc.

A more advanced solution would be to understand common points of both of these important monotheistic traditions in an open, non-prejudiced way by focusing on lives of saints. I can recommend the book "Sayings of the Desert Fathers" [Apophthegmata Patrum] ISBN 0264663500 which shows that their realizations were often the same as those of Vaishnava saints.

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ys Jan

i have decided to give up KC,

i have decided to give up KC, maybe next time, i just hope my progress will give me a chance in my next life, its just too hard

That's not a very intelligent

That's not a very intelligent idea, Scott, since this human life is meant to inquire about Brahman, God (athato brahma jijnasa). You may think your life is hard but many others are in much worse situations. We're supposed to understand that there's actually no ideal situation in the material world (BG 8.16) and to learn how to get out of it without wasting time in it in forgetfullness of the Lord. Even animals have so much intelligence to run out of a burning forest.

Hari Hari
ys Jan