Krishna directed me today.

Someone wanted to sit near my boss. My boss didn't seem pleased about me today--she was morose. But, something said to me "Allow this person who doesn't have a seat.........the friend of the sit near her." So, I did.

I went back downstairs. I just said "Happy Superbowl" and just left this as it is.

Krishna appears to be moving. This morning, I was chanting Hare Hare.

I won't say that stuff happened with immediacy, but fairly quickly for divine intervention.

I saw an etheric beautiful garden scene.

My sister wants to take me to dinner to talk about our conflict.

The lady who in the past has seemed toxic is now helping me further with my individual character.

And finally, my ADHD son is being acccomodated for the churches' Superbowl party (not this one I was at at work but another one).

These are good things and I attribute them to Krishna.

Things may not always be like I want them, but I know that Krishna knows things..............


Hare Krishna.

And His Mercy will always

And His Mercy will always lead you if you want Him to. HARE KRSNA!


My karma is often dark because of my past foolishness....lots of passion and ignorance. So, you know, when you are changing into a better person, you might be in the boat of transcendence, but you still might have a splash or two of that ocean of misery.

We have to keep Krishna Conscious because He is the one who brings us healing.

The Ocean of Miseries and the Maya can swallow you up. In Christian terms, this is called perhaps the "gravity of sin" and the stupidies of desire.

So, my dharma is often disquiet because of my past and because of who I am attempting to become.