Krishna Dream

Hare Krishna...

Last night I saw a dream of Lord Krishna. It was about the old yuga, where there was no source of transportation except Rath. I came to know that Lord Krishna is going to visit at a particular place. Each and every person in the village were excited to know that Lord Krishna is coming and were rushing to the place and started decorating it. Me & my husband also present there and finally Lord Krishna also arrived and started asking one question to every one. Where from u have come? When He asked me, I replied, I came from a near by place, as I was not aware of the locations.

Kindly guide me.... what is the meaning of this dream??

Hare Krishna...

Vraja vasi

hare kRshNa

It means KRshNa showed you how you are connected to Him. As a resident in a neighbouring village, who is also His bhakta - devotee. Only the bhaktas would hastily scramble to the spot to see Him.

This is your bhAV that He has made know to you.

Next time, do carry a pot of mAkhan, cool pure water, laddoos, tulsi haar, flowers for His hair and chandan for His Lotus Feet :)

He will like your mAnasi sevA (devotional service in the mind)

|| Shri KRshNArpaNamastu ||

Every dream with Krsna is

Every dream with Krsna is positive. He demonstrated His personal caring dealings with every individual jiva.

Hari Hari
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