Krishna must have kept me

I am sick at work. I had a run in with a security guard at my husband's work. I took a clonapin to calm down.

I believe that Krishna must have been with me because I am here now.

I'm tired. All that I want to do is sleep.

The world spins around me and now I can see the illusion and the Buddhist concept that all the social statuses and stuff is all just the whim and derelict dream of a bunch of people chasing some huge prize that they will never win.

Now, it is God, family and friends to which I am devoted as a Householder.

I know that Krishna is the only way to cure this broken heart.

Because of the way the world is, I see now that becoming a devotee is the only way to get away from the suffering.

I am ready for the changes now, although understand that I am nto that great a cook, so to start out, I will be eating yogurt and having broccoli and cheese for dinner---I am after all, Blue Collar. I hope that you can understand. I won't be a typical devotee in terms of fancy dishes. My stuff will be soy products from Morningstar Farms and lots of dairy products. I'm poor and not so bright in the kitchen, so don't expect Ethiopian vegetarian or South Indian vegetarian.

I've got my Ekatepnha Cted FB page with about 4 Das people on there. That's me.

I hardly know what I am doing, but I promise that I will try my best.

Remember, I am a regulated householder with a 7 year old, an indepdendent 18 year old and a Unitarian 41 year old ADD male in the household. IT's not going to be ideal. Just know that.

Hare Krishna.

I'm calmer. I found the

I'm calmer. I found the Gayatri. It fights the energies outside.

I must begin my own journey.

I am seperate.

I want to be seperate.


is all that matters now.

Can't find it-going on to

Can't find it-going on to Gitamrta


I will set up the altar tonight. I will just have Krishna on there, though, for now.

I looked at Jainism, which emphasizes Shiva. It had some good standards of conduct and some good vice-related problems that help psychologically, but the Krishna movmement is softer and gentler on the mind than all the Jainism stuff--all the terminology.

The Right thought, right action 8 fold path sounds good.

I also know the 9 Kalaams but I don't have a worship routine yet.

I am ready for the dietary change now.

DAS'S and Shri's and everyone clergy: I want to be like the lotus leaf untouched by water--not so much for friends and family but for the rest of the world. Please help me to be that. I need your help. I don't know how much the Das's can help on the Ekatepnha Cted site on FB, but I'm there and I need guidance.

I don't know if coaching counts or not.

But my soul is crying out and I need Krishna desperately.


I'm going to play the Gayatri

then, the Gita

and end with the AnandaMurti "Sunom Sunom song"

and I should feel better after that.

Hare Krishna, and don't forget Rama Rama