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meaning of hare rama hare krishna mantra and some questions

hi people,

I just joined this group.
a question is pestering me since some days.
1) what is the meaning of hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare , hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
2) why do we use rama rama ,when we are praying krishna
3)i know lord rama and lord krishna both are incarnation of lord vishnu, from the movies and books i am much attached to lord rama,now suddenly i am moving towards krishna, but i have a fear that will rama punish me, if i stop chanting rama name and chant krishna name?

it may look like some stupid questions but i want answers for these.
Please help.


Let me add re 3, that the position of our sampradaya, as well as that of Vallabha's and Nimbarka's, is shown at

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Hare Krishna

This maha mantra consists of the names of the Supreme Lord Krishna and His consort Radharani. So the meaning is we are calling out the names of the Lord for the purpose of engaging us in His service.

We use Rama because it is also a name of Krishna meaning one who enjoys pleasure. Also we can take Rama as referring to Lord Ramacandra or Lord Balarama, who are all non different from Krishna.

It is good that you are attached to Rama. There are many great devotees who are attached to Lord Rama and though they understand that Krishna is purna bhagavan, they still cannot give up their attachment to Rama. And that is perfect. But if you want to "move towards" Krishna, there is no harm. Rama will not punish you because He is not a jealous God who has ego problems. As I said before there is no difference between Rama and Krishna, and you can worship any form of Lord Krishna, and Rama will be happy.

Radhikesh das