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Milk + Babies = confused

Hare Krishna,

My partner and I have been blessed with a child, she is 20 weeks pregnant and we are planning for the best options for raising and feeding the child.
She has a 'superficial' attraction only to krishna through his form (we have a couple of images & mini deities in the home which she likes for their aesthetic value) - where as I am deeply aware of my love for Krishna & although have never been an intimate member of the society / community have visited temples, read the Gita, occasionally chant japa, pray / read etc etc ..

I am vegetarian (we both are) and I try to be mindful to offer food ..

My question is mainly regarding milk and milk products for the baby.

Are there Vedic / ISKON guidelines on how to properly feed a baby ?
We are based in Holland, where as far as I know there is no source of 'ahimsa' milk as such..

Can either organic or commercial milk be offered ? I have heard conflicting opinions.

Whilst we are strict vegetarians and fully plan on bringing the child up in a vegetarian manner .. with respect to cows milk, my partner will insist on making a choice which is the best for the baby .. and as my knowledge of Prasad and authorized milk consumption is sketchy at best, I will of course agree with that ..

The other issue is - she suffers from various allergies - and the medical advice is that if the mother suffers from allergies then after breast feeding the child should be weened on hypoallergenic milk or perhaps goat milk ..

Now we can't find any 'organic' (ie not derived from commercial milk) hypoallergenic formulas - and I've no idea if goats milk can be offered in the same way that cows milk can ?

So, sorry for the long ramble - but if you have any advice it would be very welcome - as I am very keen to do right by the child and Krishna (well doing right by Krishna - should automagically be doing right by the child, right ?! )

Hare Krishna

You're welcome. > So does

You're welcome.

> So does this mean then goats milk (or I guess any other, non cow milk) is not considered acceptable to offer / consume ?

That depends on an individual situation. Initiated devotees and different gurus may have different standards than noninitiated bhakti aspirants. Did you check what Kurma P. has to say?

> Interesting that you say any cows milk is suitable to offer ..
I have heard quite a wide range of impassioned opinions on this ..

Cow's milk as per sastra, yes. The question is how far today's commercial milk fulfils the 'milk' definition and the idea to offer only the best foods to Krsna... Here we can see why Srila Prabhupada considered our self-sufficiency so important.

Summary elaboration on the milk issue is given in Danavir Goswami's write-up Dairy Krishna:
and by Priyavrata das from Food for Life:

Hari Hari
ys Jan

For Kurma P.

I'd say that the best for her would be to get rid of her allergies (e.g. by drinking cleansing teas, etc.) and to breastfeed the child.
Any milk can be offered but one should look for the best quality available.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Thank you for your thoughts

Thank you for your thoughts Jan :)

Regarding the cleansing teas - do you have any particular in mind ?

We do have a range of teas but the allergies with her are quite strong ..
Particularly pollen, where she is powerfully allergic to all 4 pollen types ..

Is goats milk acceptable to be offered then ?
I had presumed that cows milk was uniquely acceptable ..

PS - if there are any thoughts for things to do to encourage Krishna consciousness in the unborn child and then after the birth, I'm defo all ears.

There is a slight problem in that she has had negative experiences with Catholicism in her upbringing .. and so encouraging active Krishna consciousness has been difficult .. and I have to sort of balance the desire to bring KC to us & the child with her fear / distaste for religion following her negative experiences.

Thanks again for taking the time to share ur thoughts
Hare Krishna

Those which include nettle,

Those which include nettle, horse-tail and similar ones.

Decrease of the body pH is very helpful - by eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Remove commercial-processed foods, esp. low-quality cooking oil, as much as possible since they're full of all kinds of additives, conservants etc.

Very simple way of cleansing is ayurvedic kavala graha:

One of the best cleansing ways is fasting (with drinking only pure water), which may not be suitable for a mother-to-be or short after delivery though. Usually after 3-4 days the body starts to eliminate impurities which lasts a few days.

Flax seeds/oil and goji berries/juice are very good for general nutrition.

I personally don't see a problem with goat's milk even though it may not be preferable for temples. More details with Kurma P.

The mother should be peaceful, chant or listen to chanting, bhajans, kirtans, Bhagavad gita or Srimad Bhagavatam.

I don't know of what sort her negative experiences were but people are mainly discouraged by those who don't follow the rules of a religion, not by those who follow them.

You're welcome.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

PS: Haribhaktivilasa 8.152, 154-5 quoting from Harita Smrti and Varaha Purana forbid to offer to Krsna goat, sheep, buffalo and some other types of milk.

Hare Krishna ! Thank you for

Hare Krishna !
Thank you for your thoughts & guidance Jan :)

Kavala graha - didn't know about that, interesting .. I do keep flax seed oil / omega oils & goji berries ..

& thanks for digging out that quoting ..
So does this mean then goats milk (or I guess any other, non cow milk) is not considered acceptable to offer / consume ?

Interesting that you say any cows milk is suitable to offer ..
I have heard quite a wide range of impassioned opinions on this ..

My feeling is that dovetailing the energy of a suffering cow from a commercial dairy to Krishna will bring relief to the jiva within the body .. having said that - I can totally appreciate the view that consuming cows milk from a commercial dairy is practically the same as eating meat ..

I can kind of see both points of view ..