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the most beautiful and strange dream ever pls explain

hare krishna :) my name is dr apoorva sharma i am just spellbound but need to share this to know the meaning of my dream..i am a krishna devotee and chant his name throughout the day..i love him to the core yesterday when i was going to sleep i chanted his name and said i want to see u krishna..i had a dream in which i was dressed up like an indian bride and my parents came to me telling me that i am getting engaged to a guy who is the son of their friend i knew him and i agreed..i was wearing a lehnga and sat down next to the guy i had many questions in my mind my heart was sinking as the guy sat near me i was thinking that i love krishna how can i marry anybody if he does not allow me to chant krishna's name then what..tears were rolling down my eyes and i stood up went to my father and said i won't marry him i love krishna and started running crying my father shouted my name but i did not stop it was raining heavily and there was thunder and lightning in the sky when i looked up crying and called krishna..the sky was red and muddy i kept chanting his name and i heard the sound of his flute whuch was melodious i ran following the beautiful sound being played by brought me to the terrace of my house i again cried for him i asked him to come suddenly everything turned black there was complete darkness all around and water everywhere due to heavy rain..i became scared when i saw some light coming towards me it was him..krishna came smiling to me he was wearing yellow clothes and was dark in complextion slightly blue in color he was wearing a morpankh mukut and smiled at me saying i have come..i smiled at him and said krisna i love u and i belong to u please marry me he smiled and agreed he married me then and there and he said i am giving u a new name VAISHNAVI now people will know u by this name u should dedicate urself to people love all the livings equally and will always help them u should see me in all the livings and i shall always be there beside u..i will never leave your hand whenever u will call me i will be there u may not see me but will feel me till eternity u are mine and i am urs..saying these words he bade me a goodbye and disappeared slowly in the sky and the light became small and gone inside the big sky..tears were still rolling down my eyes i heard my mother's voice i went down she was on stairs i said maa u should call me vaishnavi from now she said i already know and i will..
i am just speechless since i woke up can anybody tell me the meaning of this dream..each and every word is true pls do not doubt..hare krishna