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New Here

Hari Bol!

I have recently discovered this very nice web site. I am familiar with the basic teachings of Krsna Conciousness. I was living in the Los Angeles area of California When Prabhupad first came there around 1967. The first devotees I met were Subal and Krsna devi dasi and anirhudra das at a Love In at Griffith Park in the hills near Hollywood. they were chanting the names of Krsna I joined in.

The first Temple I went to was on Pico avenue. I saw a beautiful picture of Gopal Krsna there and immediately fell in Love. The Jaggantha Deities had just been installed. Prabhupad spoke regularly and I would attend as often as possible.

I chanted Japa daily and it was only my bad Karma ( I guess) which prevented me from following all four of the basic principles so i was never able to become as deeply involved as I would have liked. Nor did I take initiation.

I have begun offering sliced fruit, nuts,yogurt and a Basil leave etc to the Jaganatha Deities a couple times a day. The Deities live in a little wooden box with nice paintings on the outside with a door that slides on and off. I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.

I recently purchased some Japa beads from the store which are very beautiful and I have begun chanting on them in the evening. I was told that Prabhupad once recommended one soak their Japa beads in mustad seed oil. Is this correct?

Anyway I just wanted to say hi and Hare Krsna.

I live in the Nevada City California area.



Welcome here, Robin. Please share whatever more memories of early days you have.
Yes re the oil.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

To Jan@Veda

Hare Krsna Jan,

Where should I post some of my memories and experiences with Praphupad in the early days?

I saw Mukunda Swami has put out a book about the early days of Krsna Consciousness. I hope to buy it this month. I remember when Mukunda came to LA with Praphupad. I think he came down from San Francisco Temple. I remember he was an excellent mrdanga player; very smooth and mellow. It is hard to remember the specifics or exact chronology after all these years. We're talking about forty years ago. But I would be happy to share what I can.

Bhaja Govinda

Hare Krsna Robin, to get most

Hare Krsna Robin,

to get most attention, you can write an article to
You can also write a blog which is part of your account.

There's also a book by Gurudas titled "By His example"
Hayagriva's "Hare Krishna Explosion"
and maybe some other accounts from the earliest days.

Hari Hari
ys Jan